Shapes MagnetMat Winner

The random number chosen was #7, Brenda Brown! Please email me your address at
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As a consolation prize to all participants and anyone reading, I am listing the title for this MagnetMat at TeachersPayTeachers for FREE for the first 20 people who respond and download. Click here to download and fast!

I have a new MagnetMat called Multiplication Pumpkin Patch almost ready to take out of the oven! Stay tuned!

Sticky Note Thank You Card

I've been working with a long term substitute for the past five weeks and this Friday is her last day - muy triste! She has been amazing, so to let her know how much we appreciated her, my students and I made her a thank-you card with a recycled file folder and sticky notes (I think I had Ladybug's sticky notes post in my mind). Instead of having students one by one sign a card, they were all able to write her a message at the same time with the sticky notes, and then I randomly arranged them on the file folder.

I folded the side ends of the file folder towards the middle crease like you do when you make a lapbook.

I holepunched and added ribbon (recycled :)).

I let students pick their sticky note (I have very trustworthy kids!).

the inside

I randomly took a picture of this sticky note and didn't realize how cute the message was until now. "I hope you buzz back soon." And I hope Mrs. Price does "buzz" back soon! Even though she is an older woman, she has double my energy!

Shapes MagnetMat Giveaway

Hey guys! Since my last winner did not respond, I have chosen a new winner which is #5, Mommy Reads. She left her email, so hopefully I can finally give this MagnetMat away!

My Random Number is
 If you didn't win, I'm giving away a new MagnetMat this Friday. Yah, hurray! It's my new Shapes MagnetMat. You can check it out here.

And here's a pic -
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3) Comment on this post that you shared (leaving your email would be a GREAT idea).

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30th Birthday Sale and New MagnetMat!

It's my 30th tomorrow so I'm having a sale through Wednesday!

And of course it's a 30% off sale, right? :P Well, actually, only at Currclick because TpT will only allow 20%. If you know how to work around that, please let me know! Here are my store links:

Also, I have two new titles that I've been working on, and if they are applicable for what you teach, I hope you'll check them out.

Get in Shape MagnetMat Fun

This covers ten basic plane figures and their attributes. I've actually created two MagnetMats to cover skills roughly for K-5th grade.

This is for the early grades.

This is the differing page in the 2nd MagnetMat. It's hard to see, but students match shapes to their attributes, not their names.

I also included a color reader, a B&W reader, matching cards, and a shapes glyph activity that I plan on using in my class as a bulletin board display (the Spanish version).

Links if Interested:

I also have the same exact title but all in Spanish which would be great for ESOL students or bilingual classrooms (or complete immersion like mine :)). Also great for those mothers teaching Spanish at home.


Thanks for your visit! As always, happy teaching!

Five of my Top Blogs (some great ones for teaching Spanish!)

A big thanks to Scipi at Go Figure for nominating me as one of her top 10 blogs! That made my day! So, I'm following the bandwagon and nominating five blogs of my own that I really enjoy. I hope you'll visit them if you haven't before. Happy teaching!

Great bilingual resources from K-2nd


Yay for dual language! Pamela teaches the little ones all in Spanish. ¡Increible!

I have gotten several great ideas for my science class from this blog.
Spanish Plans
Lots of great resources for Spanish teachers.

Math AND Spanish resources. Right up my alley!

My Students' American Hearts and Freebie Update

So my kids REALLY wanted to talk about 9/11, so I was glad I brought it up, but I tried to direct their attention on all the good things we have in this country despite horrible things that have happened. Here are their American hearts. And I reposted the freebie down below if you wanted to make a full size heart, too, not just a small one for notebooking.

 "I love my country because there is a lot of food and water, and it is a free country." :)

Click the heart for the updated freebie.

American Hearts Freebie

Inspired by Sunny Days American hearts, I just made these printable American hearts that I'll use tomorrow for 9/11. I'm going to have them cut them out and paste them in their work notebook and then write beneath what they love about their country, in Spanish of course! "Amo a mi paĆ­s porque..."

Here's the freebie. Sorry it's last minute! Click the heart for the freebie! Time for bed!

Vocabulary Stickers

Do you ever feel bad throwing away those two or three extra lables that you didn't use when printing? In my effort this year to "waste not, want not," I cut my full-sheet sticker scraps in squares and rectangles and had my students turn them into vocabulary stickers. We're studying the scientific method in science, so I had them write and illustrate our key vocabulary. Then they chose each others' stickers and stuck them wherever they wished in their science notebooks.

(Scientific Method)


Happy Teaching!

Crazy Pets Sight Word MagnetMat Winner

Thanks so much to everyone for participating! The winner of the Crazy Pets MagnetMat was #19, farmmama4! So, farmmama4, send me your address at I'll be giving away another MagnetMat within a day or two, so be on the lookout for that. Have a great weekend!

My Random Number is

Kooshball Geometry Smartboard Game Freebie

I need to be grading papers and going to bed, but I just want to show my appreciation for the 159 people who have fanned my page. Please keep fanning, and I'll keep the freebies coming! :)

This freebie is a download for a smartboard geometry game that you play with a Kooshball. Here is the overview:

If you'd like to download it at Teachers Pay Teachers, just click the Kooshball down below!

The template is not my design. You can download it here to make your own Kooshball game.

Have a great week!

Crazy Pets Sight Word MagnetMat Giveaway

It's time to give away another MagnetMat! This is a sight word, fill-in-the-blank activity for the sight words you, it, said, for, and in.

If interested, here is how you enter:
1) Share my FB url link on your wall, blog, twitter, etc. The link is
2) Comment on this blog post with the phrase "I shared" or whatever floats your boat :P.

That's it! This Friday at midnight I will randomly choose a winner and mail them their MagnetMat. These are super fun and my students love the Spanish ones I've created.

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Bottle Cap Answer Keepers

Here is one of several activities I have created using bottle caps. For this one, all you need is any kind of bottle cap that opens and closes.

For my activity, I placed subtraction and addition problems on the tops of each with labels (I also included a certain number of points for each one which will be explained later.). This could also be written on with a permanent marker. I write horribly, so labels are great!

Then, on the inside of each cap, I wrote the answer with a Sharpie marker.

All the different, colorful tops that you can find just make the game even more appealing. Here's a sanitizer wipes bottle top:

Here's a shampoo bottle top:

How to Play Answer Keepers:
1) Students can play alone or in groups, since it is self-checking.
2) If playing in groups, place all the bottle caps in a bag. Students needs whiteboards and dry-erase markers or they can record their work.
 Click here for the recording sheet.
3) Students each choose a bottle cap (without looking).
4) Students work out the problems on their whiteboards or sheet.
5) Students check their answers by opening the bottle caps and revealing the answers.
6) For correct answers, students mark down the number of points their problems were worth. For incorrect answers, students must return that bottle cap to the bag.
7) Once all bottle cap problems are solved, students add up the points and see who won.

This of course can be done with any kind of problem that has a solution for any grade level. And remember, not only are you teaching students math with this game, you're teaching them to be GREEN! Two lessons in one! :)

Crayon Color Words MagnetMat Winner

Thank you everyone for participating! I don't know why my comment numbers were counting by odd numbers, but I kept using the number generator until I got an odd number. The first odd number was #3 Marie Johnson! Congrats! Email me your mailing address at Remember, even if you ddn't win the hard copy, you download it electronically at Currclick or TpT. I will be giving away another one of these shortly, so stay tuned! Happy Labor Day weekend!

My Random Number is