30th Birthday Sale and New MagnetMat!

It's my 30th tomorrow so I'm having a sale through Wednesday!

And of course it's a 30% off sale, right? :P Well, actually, only at Currclick because TpT will only allow 20%. If you know how to work around that, please let me know! Here are my store links:

Also, I have two new titles that I've been working on, and if they are applicable for what you teach, I hope you'll check them out.

Get in Shape MagnetMat Fun

This covers ten basic plane figures and their attributes. I've actually created two MagnetMats to cover skills roughly for K-5th grade.

This is for the early grades.

This is the differing page in the 2nd MagnetMat. It's hard to see, but students match shapes to their attributes, not their names.

I also included a color reader, a B&W reader, matching cards, and a shapes glyph activity that I plan on using in my class as a bulletin board display (the Spanish version).

Links if Interested:

I also have the same exact title but all in Spanish which would be great for ESOL students or bilingual classrooms (or complete immersion like mine :)). Also great for those mothers teaching Spanish at home.


Thanks for your visit! As always, happy teaching!

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