Multiplication Ball for $1.50

I came across those Clever Catch balls recently and really loved the idea but couldn't afford the price. So, yesterday at my within-walking-distance Dollar General in SC, I came across these small segmented balls for $1.50.

With just a Sharpie marker, I turned them into a not so professional but just as effective multiplication catch ball.

I plan on having students toss them to each other, having to answer whatever fact is under their left or right thumb.

As you may have noticed, I bought three balls because there are so many ways I am sure I will want to use these in my classroom. Maybe place value by writing numbers and underlining a certain digit whose place value students must name. We are now discussing decimals, so I might write decimals and have students name the equivalent fraction or vice versa. I might also use them for Spanish vocabulary and/or verb conjugation. Or I might go to Clever Catch Balls' website and "steal" some of their ideas.

But first I'd better make sure this game doesn't end up becoming more of a dodgeball game than a learning game. We shall see!

Pumpkin Multiplication Coloring Sheet Freebie

I'm back from New York! It was great to spend time with my family, but now it's time to get back in the groove. But sometimes that's not so easy, especially during the holidays.

Here's a freebie that will give you a few moments to get back into that groove while also continuing the learning in your classroom (I'm not the only teacher who doesn't always have it all together, right?).

Hope you enjoy!

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Inches, Feet, & Yards Conversions Poke Game

In small groups today, I worked on making conversions among inches, feet, and yards using some "Poke Game" cards, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun! I am still not great at teaching this skill because our math curriculum offers no resources or lessons, but today, with this game, I feel like we were headed in the right direction.

If you aren't familiar with poke cards, they are cards that have a problem along with several punched holes and answer choices above them. Students use a pencil to poke the right answer. On the back of the card, the hole punch with the right answer has a circle around it, so students can self-check or partner-check while playing.

I actually checked the students today, and it helped me have an idea of where each student was at with regards to this skill.

A little side note - instead of using pencils, I actually used some plastic flower sticks from a bouquet I had. They are safer than pencils, and students seemed to enjoy using them.

I just posted these 60 cards in English and in Spanish for just $1.

Happy Teaching!

Miniature Water Cycle FAIL

Ok, so you know how you can make those cute little ziplock baggy water cycles? Well, I thought I would take it up a notch and create mini-water cycles using the front part of the plastic packaging you find on glue stick packs and Expo packs. The picture above is misleading because it looks pretty nice, but I actually cropped out all of the shortcomings and "leakage."

So, here's the steps to what I attempted to do:

First, I outlined the plastic packaging on a piece of cardstock and then had the students take turns in small groups drawing the different sections of the water cycles.

Then, I laminated the card stock. I hole-punched a hole in the top of the plastic packaging. Then, I glued the plastic package under the edges with clear Elmer's glue (not the white kind because it will milky up the water later on).

Then I "sealed" the edges with 3M's weather sealant tape.

The students then filled the bottom "ocean" part with tinted blue water through the hole I had made in the plastic from the very beginning. We then plugged the hole with modeling clay and taped the water cycles to the window.

So far, we have had a 25% success rate of water cycles not leaking, and I still haven't seen any condensation at the tops of the packaging :(. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Of course I asked my students about what solutions they could think of to fix the leaks. We're supposed to  be training our students to be good problem-solvers, right? That was my objective all along! :P

Do you have a suggestion to make this project work? I would love to hear it!

Here's one that is still retaining its water but you can still see on the cardstock where there are leaks.

Monster Graph Freebie at the Organized Classroom Blog

I have a new love. Un amor muy profundo. It's round, colorful, What is it? It's not my husband or my dog, although I love them both dearly. It's....the....bottle cap! I love each and every one! I literally salivate (I really hate using that word, but I'm too lazy to go to at the sight of milk jugs, soda bottles, peanut butter jars, and shampoo bottles, and I can't wait to yank their caps off. I have found so many uses for bottle caps this year in my classroom, and I'm sure my school thinks of me as the Bottle Cap Nut, but I really can't help it! Maybe I need an intervention (my husband would probably agree). By the way, did you catch my Answer Keepers bottle cap post?

So, anyways, what's my point? Charity Preston from the OC Blog has been kind enough to allow me to guest blog for her during the 2011-2012 school year, so my first post of course is about bottle caps. And monsters. And math. And a nice little freebie at the end.

So, please click the monsters below and check it out. It's a fun, green activity, just in time for the Halloween season.

Pumpkin Patch Winner and Multiples WS Freebie

Ok, guys, the winner of the Multiplication Pumpkin Patch is #12, Shanon Banks! Congrats! Email me your address at

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Fall Freebies from FlapJack & Multiplication Giveaway Contest :)

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Hey guys! I hope your fall season is going great so far! Thanks so much to the 200+ people that have fanned my page. I am truly grateful. To show that, here is a fall freebie on adding to make 10. You can also use this for the little ones in number recognition and ordering.

You didn't miss my Pumpkin Poke Addition Facts Game, did you?

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Happy Fall, ya'll! (I'm a Georgia peach, sorry!)