Miniature Water Cycle FAIL

Ok, so you know how you can make those cute little ziplock baggy water cycles? Well, I thought I would take it up a notch and create mini-water cycles using the front part of the plastic packaging you find on glue stick packs and Expo packs. The picture above is misleading because it looks pretty nice, but I actually cropped out all of the shortcomings and "leakage."

So, here's the steps to what I attempted to do:

First, I outlined the plastic packaging on a piece of cardstock and then had the students take turns in small groups drawing the different sections of the water cycles.

Then, I laminated the card stock. I hole-punched a hole in the top of the plastic packaging. Then, I glued the plastic package under the edges with clear Elmer's glue (not the white kind because it will milky up the water later on).

Then I "sealed" the edges with 3M's weather sealant tape.

The students then filled the bottom "ocean" part with tinted blue water through the hole I had made in the plastic from the very beginning. We then plugged the hole with modeling clay and taped the water cycles to the window.

So far, we have had a 25% success rate of water cycles not leaking, and I still haven't seen any condensation at the tops of the packaging :(. Oh well, you live and you learn.

Of course I asked my students about what solutions they could think of to fix the leaks. We're supposed to  be training our students to be good problem-solvers, right? That was my objective all along! :P

Do you have a suggestion to make this project work? I would love to hear it!

Here's one that is still retaining its water but you can still see on the cardstock where there are leaks.

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  1. Love the idea, but do you think perhaps they are not able to heat up enough? When you use a clear bag it is able to "catch" sunlight from both sides. In your case you have a piece of white paper that is going to reflect the heat, in effect not allowing your project to warm the water to evaporate. Just a thought :)


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