Oreo Moon Phases (Fases de la Luna)

I'm not sure exactly where this idea originated first, but I've seen it floating around on Pinterest (I've finally joined, yeah! Click here for my profile.) and Facebook and had to give it a try. It's not the most healthy activity, but it was a whole lot of fun and definitely a keeper in my lesson plans.

All you need is a plate, 8 Oreos, and a Sharpie marker (I apologize for using Styrofoam plates. I don't what I was thinking. Paper plates would have been the better choice since they will end up in the trash afterwards). My students were also allowed to use a diagram in our science book. I had students work in pairs, each one doing four of the eight phases and then labeling them.

Once pairs finished the moon phase plate, I took a picture of it. I am now printing the pictures out (on the other side of used paper), grading them according to accuracy, teamwork, and completing the activity in Spanish. Then I will send the pictures home to parents.

I have such a sweet bunch of kids. One student said, "¡Gracias por hacer este buen proyecto!" (Thanks for doing this great project!) I'm not used to such appreciative kids! They are really amazing.

Math Fact Label Winners

Here are the winning numbers to my math fact label giveaways. I am emailing the winners now for which labels they would like. THANK YOU so much for all that participated. If it didn't cost time and money, I would send you all some labels.

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Holiday Titles, Elf Puzzle Freebie, and 30% off for Cyber Monday!

Last year was my first year to teach 4th grade math and a certain curriculum whose name will go unmentioned had next to nothing for me on how to teach measurement conversions with U.S. customary units and the metric system.

After researching with fellow veteran teachers, I came up with a packet of holiday-themed activities that goes in-depth with measurement unit facts, conversions, and unit abbreviations.

Here's an overview:

For a more in-depth preview, you can check it out at:

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Here are some other holiday titles that might interest you:

Merry Multiplication Bingo

Cookie Sum Math Center

Counting Cookies Math Center

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Happy Holidays! Let me know if you have any questions about the titles above!

Math Facts Bottle Cap Labels Giveaway!

Have you seen my math facts bottle cap recycling activity? It's free, fun, and will get your kiddos practicing those facts. Check it out here.


I am going to mail one operation set (add., sub., mult., or div.) of these bottle cap labels to four winners. If you win, you choose which operation set you would like. All you have to do is gather up some bottle caps, stick the labels on, and you'll be set! To participate:

1) Share this blog post somewhere - on your blog, pin it, on FB, etc.
2) Post a comment telling me where you posted it and please leave your email address!

Feel free to share this post in multiple places and leave multiple comments on this post for a greater chance of winning. Four of you will win! Thanks in advance for participating!

Contest ends Sunday, November 27th, at midnight (est).


Math Facts Bottle Cap Recycling Activity

Hey guys! Happy America Recycles Day! I am super excited to finally have this post and title together to share with you. My students and I have been recycling bottle caps this year, and we have been using them to master our math facts in all four operations. Let me explain how.

Using Avery 5408 labels, I created math facts labels and placed them on bottle caps (problem on top, answer on the inside). Using timers, my students practice how many they can do in a minute, and they graph those results. We have a goal in the classroom that we all want to reach, and students earn classroom dollars when they reach that goal.

This activity is also great for individual students who need extra practice. I am tutoring a 2nd grader, so I made her a set of addition facts for her to take home with her to practice.

There is something about bottle caps - all the colors, the way they are handled - that just makes practicing math facts a lot of fun. My students have been practicing these BC facts during math stations since September, and they are still excited about them. I even have students doing this during indoor recess!

Not to mention the recycling aspect. Students are much more conscientious about throwing away things that we could recycle or reuse since the beginning of the year, and I'd like to think this activity has helped.

Well, I'm rambling again! Here is the download. It includes 42 Avery label templates, a graph, and labels for your containers. Please send me a pic if you attempt this activity. I will send you a free title of mine in return.

*** I'm giving away four sets of labels. Click here for details!

Happy recycling!

"Tickle the Turkey" Decimals Smart Board Activity

I just made a free decimals Smart Board activity with a fall theme. It came in really handy today for an observation. I love my job as a Spanish immersion teacher, but we get LOTS of observations from outside people, the community, and today I was observed by future teachers of the immersion program. Uh oh, that means my Spanish has to be legit because these people actually know what I'm saying!

So anyways, I used this decimals SB activity today. The students drew lines to make four sections on individual white boards, and they answered the four questions on each page. Then they checked their answers with a partner and had to come to an agreement if any answers differed. Lastly, I called on students to "dale cosquillas al pavo" or "tickle the turkey." If the turkey moved, they were right. If it didn't, someone else came up to try. In the image above, the students erase to see the correct answers.

Let me quit talking about it, and let you download it. That will make a lot more sense than my rambling at this moment :P.

I'd love to hear what you think!

For English, click here.

For Spanish, click here.

Turkey Tickle Time Activity & Freebie

Teaching elapsed time is a SC 4th grade standard and at times a not so easy one to teach. Here is an activity I implemented this past week in small groups to help my students with this skill. It's similar to my Pumpkin Poke freebie that you may or may not have downloaded.

First, I printed out these cards, laminated, and hole-punched underneath each answer (ok, I lie. A helpful parent did all of that :P.)

Then, I circled the hole on the back of the card that belonged to the right answer. The objective is for students to point the tip of a pencil or some kind of safe pointed tip (floral sticks, coffee stirrers) into the hole of the correct answer.

For the Turkey Tickle activity, the objective is to read the time and calculate how many more minutes are needed to reach the next hour. For example, if the time is 9:09, how many more minutes are needed until 10:00?

Students calculate the answer and "tickle the turkey" by inserting the tip into the correct hole of the answer.

In small groups, I explained this objective to my students and that in order to do this, they need to either calculate 9 + ? = 60 or 60 - ? = 0. I encouraged those who were struggling to use to use the counting up method: 9 + ? = 10 (answer - 1) and 10 + ? = 60 (answer - 50). Add the two answers together to achieve the final answer - 51.

Once students got the hang of it, they continued to grab cards, showing me the back of the card for me to check for accuracy and so forth. If students answered incorrectly, I was able to help them in the moment and also make mental notes of who seemed to be having difficulty with the concept. Once all the cards were taken, the students counted how many cards they had completed. This motivated them to not only make the calculations but to work as fast as possible to win more cards. Now I will place this game in math centers for extra practice.

This game, along with other elapsed time and telling time activities, are available at my TpT store (click here) and my Currclick store (click here).

If you'd like a sample freebie, click here to download a page of 12 elapsed time Turkey Tickle cards at TpT (click here) or Currclick (click here).

Happy November!