"Tickle the Turkey" Decimals Smart Board Activity

I just made a free decimals Smart Board activity with a fall theme. It came in really handy today for an observation. I love my job as a Spanish immersion teacher, but we get LOTS of observations from outside people, the community, and today I was observed by future teachers of the immersion program. Uh oh, that means my Spanish has to be legit because these people actually know what I'm saying!

So anyways, I used this decimals SB activity today. The students drew lines to make four sections on individual white boards, and they answered the four questions on each page. Then they checked their answers with a partner and had to come to an agreement if any answers differed. Lastly, I called on students to "dale cosquillas al pavo" or "tickle the turkey." If the turkey moved, they were right. If it didn't, someone else came up to try. In the image above, the students erase to see the correct answers.

Let me quit talking about it, and let you download it. That will make a lot more sense than my rambling at this moment :P.

I'd love to hear what you think!

For English, click here.

For Spanish, click here.

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