Recycling Activities LINK PARTY!!! I need your help!


  1. Hey, I haven't really posted about Going Green on my Corner yet, so I linked up a guest post I did for the Character Educator this past spring with ideas for Going Green. It's got lots of good ideas and you, of course, have my permission to share what you want from the post!

    The Corner On Character

  2. Thank you, Barbara! The post is awesome! I will be sure to credit you and link to your actual blog, also :).

  3. I just added a couple of my older posts that involve recycling and learning....Bottle Cap Math and Litter Bugs.
    What is the link to your Going Green blog?

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  4. Thank you so much! The link is, but it's still set to private until I get some better content on there - like what you posted! Love the bugs, so cute! And I'm new to your blog, so I just started following. Thank you!

  5. Im making a board game using cereal boxes, mac and cheese box and paper towel rolls. I have most of the pieces cut up then is the fun part gluing :) I will love to share/link it with you! When is your party?

  6. That sounds great, Marie! The party is right now until forever! Whenever you have it posted you can link up there. Or if you need to do it through email, you know where to find me :).


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