Early Elementary Smart Board FREEBIE and Other Titles

I've been a little quiet lately on FB, and it's mainly due to playing ping-pong with my hubby and finally finishing a set of 16 Smart Board games for kindergarten (my first love of six years). They are common core based, and each one contains a download for a printable assessment. I have had so much fun putting these together, and I am so appreciative of a group of kindergarten teacher who helped check and enrich these games with their suggestions.

All of the games are bundled together in a much more affordable pack than purchasing individually. Click the image below for details.

However, you can also buy them individually. Click on a picture for more details on each game. If you scroll through all the way to the bottom, I have a special treat waiting for you!

(This one has audio help, too!)

(Every word has audio help.)

So, did you make it all the way down here? Great! I'm giving away one of my Smart Board games for free on beginning place value. It also includes a download for an assessment sheet and a poke game for extra practice. As always, click on the image below for the download. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Teaching!

Cupcake Template FREEBIE and FLASH DRIVE Winners!!

So the results are in! Sorry for the delay! I wanted to make sure EVERY ONE of you was a winner, so I have a little poke game template freebie for all of you. I hope you can find it useful and worth the time it took for you to share about FlapJack! Click the image below to download:

And here are the results in no particular order! If you see your name, please contact me at tabitha@flapjacklapbooks.com with your mailing address and the section of titles you want (math, early ed., Spanish) by Friday. And please allow me until this weekend to get the flash drives ready and mailed off. Thank you to all! Have a great week!

1) #56 Mary Hall Lester

2) #40 Marie Johnson

3) #25 Deb

4) #64 Kimmi

5) #67 Ashleigh M

6) #89 Shanon B

7) #5 Katy in Oklahoma

8) #8 Enthusiastic Teacher

9) #71 Keys for Education

10) #114 The Paisley Apple

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Spanish Word Fun with Cheez-It Crackers

I found these cute little crackers a while back and knew they would be fun in my classroom. Today was Friday, so I decided to keep the activity short and simple. Before the students could eat the crackers, they had to come up with a Spanish word that had at least 3 or 4 more letters. The student with the longest word won a badge on our Edmodo site.

The students took the challenge very seriously and came up with lots of great words: mesa, sabado, sabes, pez, dos, miƩrcoles, etc. The winning word was a whopping ten Cheez-Its long! "Reciclamos"- we recycle (Can you tell my green obssession is having an influence? :P). But I was also very partial to the sweet child who came up with the word "carro" which happens to be my last name (see above picture :)).

I finally had to tell the kids to stop playing and eat! Have you used this snack before in your classroom? Have any ideas or suggestions? I still have a box left!

Five Hundred FlapJack Fans Giveaway!!

Yay!! Thanks so much to every individual person who has made this possible!

SanDisk SDCZ34-001G-A11 1GB Cruzer Pattern Drive (Grey)To celebrate, I have 10 flash drives that I am going to mail to ten lucky winners.
These winners will get to choose which set of my titles they would like placed on their flash drive. Click on the following apples to see the three different sets that are available.


To participate, just do one or more of the following (if you do more than one thing, please list them separately so they will count as separate entries):

1) Share this post on FB.
2) Share this giveaway on your blog.
3) Share my blog (http://flapjackeducationalresources.blogspot.com/) on Pinterest.
4) Follow my blog.
5) Follow my FB page.
6. Follow my TpT store. (Doesn't matter if you've been a fan or follower for a while - that still counts!)

The contest ends Sunday, January 22nd, 2012, at 11:59 pm ET. Winners will need to respond within 48 hours or their prize will go on the next person randomly chosen.

Thank you for participating!!

Squinkies Winner!!

The Squinkies winner is Brianne! Thanks to everyone for participating! My next giveaway will be for reaching 500 fans on Facebook (unless it takes a while to get ten more fans :P). I purchased 10 of these cute little flash drives, and I will be loading them with either all my early elementary titles, math titles, or Spanish titles, all depending on what the ten winners choose. So pass the word! I just need 11 more fans to join my Facebook page to begin this giveaway!

SanDisk SDCZ34-001G-A11 1GB Cruzer Pattern Drive (Grey)
Here's the results badge for the Squinkies winner!

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Squinkies! Coordinate Points Graphing FREEBIE

Hey, everyone! Over the holidays, I picked up a pack of Squinkies for no other reason than that they were so gosh darn cute, and I'm sure I could find some educational reason for buying them in my classroom. Since we're learning about graphing coordinate points in my class, I came up with a Squinkies graphing game.

We have had a lot of fun with the game, but be warned, the Squinkies are very small and can easily disappear if they fall from the table.

You don't have to use Squinkies. I created the file with a graph that can be used with any other kind of small chips, markers, or game pieces. Here are the links for the free downloads:

For more FlapJack coordinate graphing activities, click on the following images:

Smart Board Promethean Game

Self-Checking Task Cards