Spanish Word Fun with Cheez-It Crackers

I found these cute little crackers a while back and knew they would be fun in my classroom. Today was Friday, so I decided to keep the activity short and simple. Before the students could eat the crackers, they had to come up with a Spanish word that had at least 3 or 4 more letters. The student with the longest word won a badge on our Edmodo site.

The students took the challenge very seriously and came up with lots of great words: mesa, sabado, sabes, pez, dos, miƩrcoles, etc. The winning word was a whopping ten Cheez-Its long! "Reciclamos"- we recycle (Can you tell my green obssession is having an influence? :P). But I was also very partial to the sweet child who came up with the word "carro" which happens to be my last name (see above picture :)).

I finally had to tell the kids to stop playing and eat! Have you used this snack before in your classroom? Have any ideas or suggestions? I still have a box left!


  1. So cute! My students will love it. High school freshmen love anything that involves snacks! They carry around little baggies with cereal and crackers. Gracias!

  2. Of course! To answer the question in my email! :)

  3. What a fun idea! Can't wait to try it with my new speller!


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