QR Code Math Freebies

Hey, teaching friends! I have been having a lot of fun in my class with QR codes and math, so I wanted to share with you three activities/freebies we've done recently.

Here's a video I made recently that shows several of the activities below:

1) Mi Problema/My Problem QR Code Minibook

We did this as a take-home extra credit project since it requires printing. Students made up their own math problem involving multiplication or division.

Then they created a QR code with the solution at www.qurify.com. The printed, cut, and pasted the QR codes into their minibooks.

I then stapled them all onto a bulletin board.

During math stations, groups of 2-3 have been solving each other's problems in their math journals. They write the student's name down, solve the problem, and then write a check or an x for correct or incorrect after they scan the solution QR code with our iPad.

Click on the image below to download the template and instructions (it's also in Spanish!).

2) Bottle Cap QR Code Fun

I love using bottle caps and Avery labels as instructional tools, and I recently discovered that you can insert QR codes in your labels at Avery's Design and Print Online feature. To see the fun ways we've been using bottle caps and QR codes to practice long division, fraction ordering, and multi-digit multiplication, click on the image below (And please become a follower of The Green Classroom blog! Lots of great ideas by many people for green learning fun!)

3) Fractions of  Whole Numbers QR Code Task Cards and Recording Sheet

We're learning about fractions right now, so I made some task cards involving fractions of whole numbers. 

Students solve the problems on a recording sheet and then check their answers by scanning the QR code. If they're correct, they shade the circle inside that problem's box with their pencil (see image below). If they're incorrect, they leave it blank. This is a quick way to spot check who might be having issues with this skill.

To download this fraction freebie (only in English), click the image below.

4) UPDATE - QR Code Behavior Coupons

Click the image to see how this freebie works.

Happy QR coding!

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  1. This is the coolest thing EVER! I can't wait to make these. I'm on my way to get the labels. My kiddos will LOVE this!!!! LOVE, LOVE!! Thanks for the cool idea!

  2. Thanks so much! Hope you and your little ones enjoy!

  3. Love the Bottle Cap idea!! Your ideas are sooooo cute!! I love how you use such bright colors on your products!! I'm your newest follower on here and on your TpT store, please stop by my blog when you get a chance.


    Our Sweet Success

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  5. I would LOVE to do this, but I don't have anything that would read that code. (Honestly, I don't even have a cell phone...) What would I need to have so the kids could read the code and check their answers? This really looks like the coolest thing ever!


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