Valentine Smart Board Freebies!

Valentine Freebies!

If you teach early childhood, Spanish, or upper elementary math, I have something for you!

Since my three main areas of titles are in early elementary, Spanish, and upper elementary math, I really wanted to provided Valentine freebies to all of you in each area.

So, for early elementary, I made a Smart Board game on heart number words. It also includes a downloadable heart numbers worksheet. Click on the image.

 Remember that you can upload Smart Board files even if you don't have one using this link -

If you can't do Smart Board files, just click on the picture below to download the worksheet.

Now for Spanish - here is a Smart Board game on practicing Valentine's Day vocabulary. Once students have played, you can have them write using the words from the game. Click either picture.

And lastly, for upper elementary math, I have a Smart Board game on practicing ten basic equivalent fractions and decimals. Click on the image.

And check out this compilation video of awesome TpT freebies!

A compilation video of awesome TpT freebies!

I hope you all have a very sweet Valentine's Day!

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  1. Thank you! You always have the cutest Smartboard creations :)


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