Easter Sale at FlapJack Educational Resources

Happy Easter! I hope it is a great time with friends and family, filled with inspiration and hope during this spring season! In order to celebrate, all FlapJack titles are 20% off through Sunday!

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Happy Easter!

Addition Peek Poke Freebie and New Poke Games for Spring!

Make sure to grab this Addition Peek Poke freebie for your kiddos this spring season! Click on the image to be taken to the download.

What are poke games? They are self-checking cards that have a problem on top and three answer choices on the bottom (that's how I make mine).

Each answer choice has a punched-hole underneath it. Using a blunt pencil, coffee stirrer, etc., students poke the correct answer (a fellow teacher gave me some cool Starbucks stirrers :)).

On the back, the correct hole has a circle around it (done with a light-colored marker), so students automatically check their own answers.

I've created several other Peek Poke math games for the spring season for just $2.00 a piece at my TpT store. Click on any of the images for more details.

Happy Spring!

Teaching Reflection and Absorption With Easter Eggs

We have just completed our light unit, so to review the concept of the reflection and absorption of the colors of the rainbow, I used plastic Easter eggs.

I wrote the word "reflejado" (reflected) on the outside with a Sharpie (already rubbing off, darn it!). Then, on the inside I wrote the word "absorbidos" (absorbed) and placed pom-poms of each color of the rainbow inside the egg except for yellow since that would be the reflected color.

Students wrote down the absorbed colors on a recording sheet before opening the egg to check the pom-poms. I did this for yellow, orange, green, and blue.

But the most important and tricky concepts are that of black and white. So I colored a yellow egg black with a Sharpie. Not pretty, but it served the purpose.

Of course there is no reflected color with black, so inside the students find all the colors of the rainbow.

Then on to white. Ok, I'm sure I could have used some paint or something more effective, but I opted for roll-on white out. Once again, unsightly but it got the point across!

And what should the students find inside?

Nothing! White light is made up of all the colors of the rainbow, so they are all reflected and no colors are absorbed.
I think my students enjoyed this and we also celebrated spring at the same time! For the accompanying recording sheet (nothing fancy, sorry!) in Spanish and English, click here.

Happy Spring!

Bunny Dice Freebie to Practice Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages

So, I saw another great idea from Teacher Tipster about using transparent bunny eggs (found at Dollar tree, three for $1) and dice to create math sentences.

Since we are working on equivalent fractions, decimals, and percentages, I placed a fraction or decimal dice inside six different bunny eggs. In centers, students shook the bunnies, wrote down whatever fraction or decimal landed on top, and then converted them to the other two equivalencies.

To download this freebie in English and Spanish, just click here!

I also have Peek Poke cards for practicing equivalent fractions, decimals, and percentages at my TpT store for just $2. Click the image for details.

Happy Spring!