Beach Name Tags and Classroom Pack

Ok, I'm back with probably my last classroom theme pack of the summer - beach/ocean. Time to work in the garden, prepare my own classroom, do some laundry. :P So, as usual, I have a freebie to start off with - two beach-themed name tags (one for lower elementary and one for upper). Click the image for your freebie.

This freebie is included in a 160+ page classroom pack that includes:
Letter Posters A to Z

Student Binder Covers

Calendar Set

Classroom Job Display

Two Birthday Display Options



Seasonal Mini-Notes

Cute Bookmarks

Various Upper and Lower Elementary Name Tags

Monthly Newsletters

Numbers Set from 0-20

Various Teacher Materials

Word Wall

Behavior Coupons

You can check this title out at TpT.

And if you've missed my other posts, I also have a Monster Pack, a Jungle/Safari Pack, a Rainbow Pack, and an Owl Pack with a FREEBIE from each.

Have a great week! :)



  1. I just purchased your owl letter posters from TN (LOVE by the way). My sister is doing a monster theme in her room and is looking for the same thing that I bought from you. Is there any way you could make a set with a monster theme? If so, would you maybe do one and send me a sample ( I can show my sister and see if she likes it. Also, would it still be $2.00? If you are not able to make them would you mind telling me where you got your letter clipart. I can make them for her but I want to use the same type of lettering that is on my owl ones. Thanks!

  2. Yes, those are exactly what she is looking for but TPT will not let you purchase unless it is I think $5. Is there any way you can upload them to TN? She would appreciate it so much! Thanks for becoming my newest follower. I'm following you too!

  3. Thank you so much for doing that. She is out of town this week, but when she gets back I will send her the link so she can purchase them!


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