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Hey, everyone! I hope your school year is off to an awesome start! I have a great group so far, which I am very thankful for.

So, anyways, I got an idea this year to use QR codes to make behavior coupons. So far it has been a super success. I've been passing these coupons on to other teachers at my school, so I'd like to share them with you, too.



How I Do It:

This year, my partner teacher and I are trying to take as many green steps in the classroom as we can. So, we've given each student three bottle caps with their names on them (Avery labels #5408) that they keep attached to the side of their desk by circle magnets (regular adhesive ones do not stick well at all).

Students have to give up bottle caps for behavior issues. If they lose all three in either of our classes, they miss recess. Every day they get their caps back. If they go all week without losing a cap, they get to have a QR code coupon.


What's a QR Code Coupon?

They're just QR code squares, printed on paper, that when scanned will reveal a prize that they get to have. Soooo, there's the thrill factor of not knowing which one they will get and also the fun factor of scanning a QR code.

How to Scan QR Codes:

  1. You must have a smart phone, iPod 4th generation, or iPad.
  2. Search the word “scan” in the app store of the device. Several free options should be available. I prefer the app called Scan. 
  3. To read the QR code, just line up the corners of the scanner with its edges.
  4. For the image to appear, the device must be connected to the internet.

To download your freebie coupons, just click any of the images above.

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