Winners and FREE H"OWL"oween Door Sign and Gift Tags

Fall is in the air, and I love it! How about you?

So, here are the three winners of the H"OWL"oween Math Facts Packs:

1) T.h. Ransom
2) Amy Saucer
3) Joanne Koch Matuch


And just like in the classroom, I want to have something for everyone, so I made a H"OWL"oween-themed door sign and gift tags.

Just click either button below to grab your freebie and spice up your fall classroom. And please stay tuned next Tuesday for another giveaway. :)


Tuesday Giveaway - H"OWL"oween Math Packs!

Hey, everyone!

I'm gonna try to make every Tuesday a giveaway day, so here goes.

I'm giving away three H"OWL"oween Math Fact Packs.

All four operations are included. For more info., click here or the image above. Just enter below for a chance to win. Ends tonight at midnight! Suerte!

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El Metodo Cientifico (Scientific Method) Lapbooks

Hey, everyone!

I love lapbooks...or flapbooks...which is why I am FlapJack. And I guess I love pancakes, too?

My students just finished their scientific method flapbooks, and I think they did a great job. They ended up being a great study tool for them, too, before the test.

 I have more than six students, but I told them only the best would make the wall. So, hopefully they will try even harder on our next flapbook.

I wish had this ready as a freebie or an item, but I don't think it's going to happen. However, the cinco sentidos book is available by Lita Lita here.

You can also click the button to see my lapbook titles.

I do need to get around to doing a lapbook freebie. Hopefully soon. Do you use flapbooks or lapbooks?

Happy Teaching!


Paint Swatch Mental Math

So I succumbed to the paint swatches, although I felt a little guilty taking them for a different purpose than what they are intended for. But, when the government starts paying us what we deserve, I'll have more of a conscience about those things. :p.

Since we are working on mental math in my fourth grade classroom, here's what I did (I'm sure this post is out there a million times over. My apologies if so!):

1) First, I cut the swatches in three parts and rearranged them with different colors.

2) Then, with my beautiful handwriting (dripping sarcasm there), I added simple addition and subtraction problems.

Here they are, ready to go:

After laminating, I'll place them in a math center. Or I could do it in a whole group and have them find each other. That would be a great way to do grouping if I needed groups of three. But you have to have the right number of students or it gets complicated giving a child more than one card.

So, that's my take on paint swatches. What's yours?

Have a great week!


H"OWL"oween Poke Math Games and FREEBIE

Hey, everyone!

I've been quiet here the past few days. Had an awesome birthday followed by a super fantastic observation by my assistant administrator. She was full of praise and said she would be happy to put her child in my class. Needless to stay, my cheeks were red like tomatoes - an unfortunate trait of a somewhat shy red head.

So, I have pulled out another title. Well, two. Well, ten. I've created two sets of owl math pack games to practice facts in all four operations.

The first I love. They just turned out so cute thanks to JW Illustrations amazing clip art.

And this is how they work. You print and laminate. Hole-punch each of the answer choices. Circle the correct answer on the back. Get some coffee stirrers or some type of blunt points. And now you have a fun, self-checking, no-pressure way to review math facts.

If you're interested in this pack, click the image below.

Individual titles are also available:
Addition Facts
Subtraction Facts
Multiplication Facts
Division Facts

I have also created these in a basic owl design that can be used all year long.

 Click the image for more details:

This is also available in individual titles:
Addition Facts
Subtraction Facts
Multiplication Facts
Division Facts

And now for the really fun part. I made a color-by-answer math sheet with a H"OWL'oween theme! I found it so cute I just had to try it out myself.

You can have fun with this freebie, too, by clicking on the image below.

In my opinion, this worksheet could be used from 2nd to 5th grade. I will have my fourth graders use mental math to solve the problems.

Hope you find  ituseful and hope you have a great week! Be on the lookout for another giveaway, and I hopefully also want to get a post out about adding images to QR codes. It's on my list at least!



My 31st Birthday Sale! Today Only!

Well, I was very depressed last year, but I actually feel good about being in my 30's now. I'm mature, right? Well....getting there.:P

So, I'm having a sale of course! I can only do 20% off at TpT, but I was able to do a 30% off sale at TN. It's just today, my special day. :)

So, if there's anything you've been interested in (maybe my new Kinder Owl-Themed Worksheet Pack??), today would be an ideal day to go shopping. :)

Click either of the buttons to be taken to my stores!

Happy Hump Day to you, Happy Birthday to me! :)

Giveaway - Today Only!

Hey, guys!

I'm giving away three sets of my "Kinder Teachers Give a Hoot" Math & Literacy Worksheets. If you'd like to see more details on the title, click here.

To participate, just enter the Rafflecopter below. Ends tonight at midnight!

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Good Luck!


"Kinder Teachers Give a Hoot" Math & Literacy Worksheets

Hey, guys! I just finished another title for the little guys and for the owl lovers! This title includes over 160 math and literacy worksheets that are CCSS-aligned and full of adorable owl goodness :).

Skills covered are (And please excuse the resolution of the pics. If you want a better look, just go to the links at the bottom of this post.):

 Addition & Subtraction

Alphabet Handwriting

Calendar Concepts


Literacy - Rhyming, Syllables, Sounds, Sight Words, Reading, and More

Fine Motor Skills


Number Order

Hundreds Charts

Number Handwriting (Advanced)

Number Handwriting (Beginning)

Alphabet Handwriting

Color & Number Recognition

Writing Paper

If interested in this title, click on any of my stores below.

Have a spectacular week! :) 

Oh, and I added manuscript to my writing paper freebie! Download it from TpT here.