Division or Subtraction Facts Bucket Toss

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I hope everyone is doing ok in the midst of Sandy!

Well, recently I've been realizing that my huge mass of a metal desk would be awesome to use for all sorts of magnetic math games. I've got several ideas in mind, but a quick stop at Dollar General helped me get one game already in gear. I found these cute, little black buckets for Halloween. They only had nine, so I bought them all, but twelve would have been even better.


What I Did:

  • I stuck some Hobby Lobby circle magnets on the back of each one (Walmart ones s***.)
  • Then I placed Avery 5410 number stickers from 3 to 12 (except for 10) on each bucket.
  • I also made some bottle cap division problems with the problem on top and the answer inside. This comes from a separate bottle cap math facts activity I do with my students that you can check out here.
  • I stuck the buckets on the side of my desk and placed the bottle caps in a cleaned out Clorox wipe container.

Time to Play:

  •  While in math stations, students rotated to this game in groups of three. 
  • Taking turns, they chose a bottle cap and named the answer. They showed the inside to their partners who told them if they were correct or not.
  • If they were correct, students tried tossing the bottle cap into the bucket with the right number on the front.
  • If it went in, they earned a point. If they didn't, they had to put it back in the pile of caps.

Loads of fun, and I can easily remove the buckets when it's time to put up another game. One student even marked a toss line with tape (so bright!).

I tutor a 3rd grader, and we played the same game with subtraction bottle caps.

If you'd like to make this game with the labels I used, click the following links:
Number Labels 1-12 (I used Avery labels 5410), but you could just print them and Mod Podge them on.
Bottle Cap Math Fact Labels

Have a great week and hope you have lots of learning fun with your kiddos!


Classroom Posters and Game Organization

Hey, everyone! Hope you're having a great Wednesday. I am in the slow process of trying to organize everything in my classroom like a normal teacher does. I know all teachers are supposed to be type A organizers, but unfortunately I don't fall into that stereotype...but I'm trying. :)

My first step this week was organizing my posters. I was given a bunch of awesome Spanish ones from a friend in Argentina but hadn't used them yet because they were all heaped together in one very hot mess. My amazing partner teacher suggested using hangers. I do not have one single extra hanger in my house, so I found 75 of the grip clip kind on Ebay.

After clipping all of the posters, I organized the hangers with labels. Red for Spanish, green for science, and blue for math.

Then I stuck one of those removable hooks on my door. Now I can switch posters in a flash. It's kind of ugly, but it's better than no posters at all, right? I also attached some sticky tack on the back of the corners on this poster since it's huge.

Some Ways I Use My Posters:

  • Using small white boards, students can create illustration or sentences with the words on the posters.
Now, anyone who knows me as a teacher knows I love using games and centers in my classroom on a daily basis. I especially have enjoyed creating poke games in my centers since they are hands-on and self-checking (click here to see more about poke games). However, my organization needed help.

So, I bought some pantyhose organizers on Amazon. Makes sense, right?? :P But they work perfectly. Students can choose from many options, switch games, and keep them all organized in one place.

And the backs have two awesome pockets for larger storage.

And for an instant math center, just stick a removable hook (I used the 5 1b. one for this) and stick it on the side of something.

And if you're looking to organize your classroom with a certain theme or color scheme, be sure to check out the following classroom material bundles I have created:


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Candy Corn Counting & Numbers Words Poke Game FREEBIE

Happy Sunday, guys!

I hope you had a terrific weekend and are rested up for a new week. I have a new freebie today for the little ones. It's a poke game on counting objects and matching number words with their numerals. If you are unfamiliar with my poke games, you should check out Lessons in Homeschooling's blog post about my addition pumpkin poke cards (which are also free by the way). She was so kind to do that, and I love how she added the pumpkin prop to make the game more inviting.

So, using Ashley Hughes' free clip art from TpT, I made some cute and colorful candy corn poke cards for students to practice number work recognition and associating numerals to a given set of objects. I hope this makes a nice addition to your fall festivities in math this year. Click the image for your poke game freebie.

Have a great week, everyone!


The Cool Teacher at School :P

So, you wanna earn your students' respect, make 'em listen to you, and cling to every word you say? Just drive a moped to school. :P

Haha, it's not that easy I know, but in fourth grade, I do think I've earned some cool points for being the scooter teacher. And I as I walk past other students in the hall, I feel like they whisper to each other and they seem to give me a knowing look. "Yeah, I know her. She's the teacher with the moped!"

So, is a moped right for you? Let's see...

1) Do you live close enough? Mopeds are only allowed on lower capacity roads.
2) Do you mind  looking like a dork? In the morning I have to put windbreakers over my pants (or under my skirt) and two jackets because of the chill in the air.
3) Are you okay with helmet hair? My hair is usually doing it's own thing anyway, so it's no big for me.
4) Can you fit all your teaching supplies in a book bag? Teacher crates would probably be a little awkward, not to mention dangerous.

And what are the benefits?

1) Miles per gallon, people!! I paid $5.47 for a full tank this afternoon. And I think it's been about two weeks since my last pit stop.
2) It makes the earth happy and you a respected green teacher at your school. (Well, I think I actually just get labeled more as a hippie than anything else. But since my dream is to be a hippie anyway one day - dreads and all - I love it.)
3) Cool points as already stated. Except, you lose points with other motorcyclists. Just because you ride on two wheels does not make you a part of their club. To them, you're just a wannabe.
4) There is nothing like riding a bike after a long, fulfilling day in the classroom.

My babies (Pookie and the Vespa)

Here are some side notes:

  •  Depending on the engine of your moped and the rules of your state, you will most likely need a permit, registration, and license plate. 
  • In the state where I live (SC), mopeds are known as DUI scooters, since you can rider the smaller engine ones without a license. So, just be prepared for suspicious glances from strangers. Here, very few own a moped just for the fun of it.  
  • I do always wear a helmet, although I don't have it on in the pic (trying to eliminate as much dorkiness as possible).
  • Yes, I do ride with my dog on occasion, but only in our neighborhood. I have a special harness for her and she can't get enough of it!

So what do you think? Would you consider being a scooter teacher?

FlapJack Fall Freebies

 Here is an easy-to-access list of all the fall freebies I have created up until now. Hope you can find at least one of them useful in your classroom this autumn!

Making 10 Sheaves 

 Candy Corn Poke (Counting & Number Words 0-10)

Multiplication Coloring Sheet

Elapsed Time Turkey Tickle Cards

Turkey Tickle Decimals Smart Board Game

Also available in Spanish.

Halloween Addition & Subtraction Coloring Sheet

Door Sign & Gift Tags

Spanish Fall Vocabulary Coloring Sheet

Happy Fall!


Owl Lapbook Birthday Card (Free Owl Label Templates)

This past Tuesday was my partner teacher's birthday, and since she's an owl-lover, my students and I created her an owl-themed birthday card in the format of a lapbook.

I had done this previously with sticky notes (each child wrote a sticky note and stuck it onto the lapbook card), and it was just as fun and easy using owl cut-outs. The "Happy Birthday" part is from my Owl-Themed Birthday Display title. And the owl labels I am providing to you right here in this post. Just click the image. And those labels you can use for a million other ideas I'm sure.

You can check out a lot more owl resources in my Owl-Themed Classroom Decor Pack!


Spanish Fall Vocabulary FREEBIE Worksheet

Here's a fun fall freebie for your Spanish class to help students practice their knowledge of fall vocabulary in Spanish. I included a QR code for my students to check their work since I am obsessed with them, but it is not necessary for the students to complete the sheet. Just click on the image for your copy. :)


How to Add an Image to a QR Code

Not big on making videos, but sometimes it works best, so here's a video I made to explain how I create QR codes that open up an image when scanned.

How to Add an Image to a QR Code

Here are the written steps because I honestly have no patience watching videos:


Making The Image

1) Open PowerPoint.
2) Slide orientations makes a difference. For iPads, keep the orientation at landscape. For smaller devices (smartphones and iPods), portrait works better. Change the slide orientation to portrait by going to design, then slide orientation, then portrait.
3) While in design, add color or whatever you wish to the background.
4) Add text and make sure it is very large so that it can be seen if you use an iPod (4th generation) or smartphone.
5) Insert clip art or an image if you wish.
6) Go to save as. *Critical point - when saving you need to click on the "Save Type As" and save the file as a jpg file, NOT a PowerPoint file. This will be your image.

Attaching a URL to Your Image 

1) If you don't have one already, create an account at Photobucket.
2) After registering, sign in, and click on the green upload button.
3) Upload your image.
4) Click on "View Album."
5) You should see your image. Hover your cursor over the image.
6) Four different codes should appear. Click on the coding by "Direct link."
7) The coding should automatically be copied to your clipboard. Now you have your image link.

Creating the Image QR Code

1) I use QRStuff.com. Paste your link under the number 2 where it says "Website URL."
2) Your QR code should automatically be created.
3) Click on "Download QR Code" underneath the QR Code.
4) From there you can open it or save it.
5) The website also has some options at the bottom for printing. I normally save the QR code and open it in a program like PowerPoint.

How to Scan Your QR Code

1) You need a smartphone, iPod 4th generation (all previous versions do not have a camera), or an iPad.
2) Go to the app store in your device.
3) Search for Scan. There are many, but I've had not problem with this one.
4) Download the app and your ready to scan!

There are a WORLD of possibilities with QR codes. My kids and I are QR code crazy!

My first attempt at image QR codes was with behavior coupons. You can click the image below to check out that post.

I also have behavior coupons in Spanish now along with a bunch of other freebies. Check 'em out!

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