Owl Lapbook Birthday Card (Free Owl Label Templates)

This past Tuesday was my partner teacher's birthday, and since she's an owl-lover, my students and I created her an owl-themed birthday card in the format of a lapbook.

I had done this previously with sticky notes (each child wrote a sticky note and stuck it onto the lapbook card), and it was just as fun and easy using owl cut-outs. The "Happy Birthday" part is from my Owl-Themed Birthday Display title. And the owl labels I am providing to you right here in this post. Just click the image. And those labels you can use for a million other ideas I'm sure.

You can check out a lot more owl resources in my Owl-Themed Classroom Decor Pack!



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  2. like the card..it's beautiful design you have shared..thanks for sharing as i need it when design for Gift Card envelopes.

  3. Beautiful designs, very colorful, i will give it to my girl friend.

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  4. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. You're welcome, Snowdoll! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. love the owl labels - so cute!!! thank you :o)


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