The Cool Teacher at School :P

So, you wanna earn your students' respect, make 'em listen to you, and cling to every word you say? Just drive a moped to school. :P

Haha, it's not that easy I know, but in fourth grade, I do think I've earned some cool points for being the scooter teacher. And I as I walk past other students in the hall, I feel like they whisper to each other and they seem to give me a knowing look. "Yeah, I know her. She's the teacher with the moped!"

So, is a moped right for you? Let's see...

1) Do you live close enough? Mopeds are only allowed on lower capacity roads.
2) Do you mind  looking like a dork? In the morning I have to put windbreakers over my pants (or under my skirt) and two jackets because of the chill in the air.
3) Are you okay with helmet hair? My hair is usually doing it's own thing anyway, so it's no big for me.
4) Can you fit all your teaching supplies in a book bag? Teacher crates would probably be a little awkward, not to mention dangerous.

And what are the benefits?

1) Miles per gallon, people!! I paid $5.47 for a full tank this afternoon. And I think it's been about two weeks since my last pit stop.
2) It makes the earth happy and you a respected green teacher at your school. (Well, I think I actually just get labeled more as a hippie than anything else. But since my dream is to be a hippie anyway one day - dreads and all - I love it.)
3) Cool points as already stated. Except, you lose points with other motorcyclists. Just because you ride on two wheels does not make you a part of their club. To them, you're just a wannabe.
4) There is nothing like riding a bike after a long, fulfilling day in the classroom.

My babies (Pookie and the Vespa)

Here are some side notes:

  •  Depending on the engine of your moped and the rules of your state, you will most likely need a permit, registration, and license plate. 
  • In the state where I live (SC), mopeds are known as DUI scooters, since you can rider the smaller engine ones without a license. So, just be prepared for suspicious glances from strangers. Here, very few own a moped just for the fun of it.  
  • I do always wear a helmet, although I don't have it on in the pic (trying to eliminate as much dorkiness as possible).
  • Yes, I do ride with my dog on occasion, but only in our neighborhood. I have a special harness for her and she can't get enough of it!

So what do you think? Would you consider being a scooter teacher?


  1. Oh! I love the photo! I am afraid of riding a motorbike or even a scooter. I live in a small city so I can ride my bike or just walk for 25min. I don't like using the car either.
    Cograts o being the hippy teacher ;)

    1. Thanks, Paula! I wish I could ride a bicycle or walk but there is absolutely no space on the side of the road to do that. I would love to see where you live!

  2. Such a cool way to get to school! LOVE your are a cool teacher! :)


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