Math Rings Game

 Well, ever since an epidemic of lice, pneumonia, and strep invaded our classroom this year, our nurse advised that we no longer use our book bag hooks to mass hang the book bags. So, I had this huge, white wall talking up space for no good reason.

I had already labeled the hooks with numbers 1-18, so after going to the fair the other weekend, it occurred to me to use the hooks and some plastic rings to create a math ring game.

I purchased 24 plastic rings from Ebay for around $12 (thanks, TpT!). I added some problems involving basic use of parentheses and algebra. All problems had answers ranging from 1 -18.

I wrote the problem on one side and the answer on the other (I used a Sharpie and then covered the numbers with a coat of Mod Podge for protection).

Now in stations, I will have students lay out the rings with the problem on top, solve each one, check the backs, and then place them on the correct hooks (I don't think we'll be tossing. The rings are very weighty for some reason.)

I'm looking forward to playing this on Wednesday with my kiddos. I'm sure someone will ask, "What do we win if we get them all right?" And to that I'll reply as I always do to that sort of question, "Satisfacción en tu corazón," ("Satisfaction in your heart.) :D

Hope you are having an awesome week!



  1. What I want to know is where do you keep the book bags now? LOL. Very creative idea as always.

  2. What keeps the kids from just looking at the answers and not actually solving the problems? Could you color code it somehow that the answers make a color pattern instead?


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