Polka Dot Frames FREEBIE

So, while my husband's away, I am working away! :P

I've started dabbling into clip art design (although I have no business there and should be working on my 2nd grade Smart Board pack), and I've come up with a freebie and a new title.

Here's the freebie:

And here's the new title:

Let me know what you think! To see other clip art titles, click here.

What clip art would you be interested in using with your teacher creations?

Have a great new year!

Tabitha Carro

Three Smart Board Tricks for Making Self-Checking Problems

Smart Boards are awesome. Especially if you are fortunate enough to have one in your classroom. Thankfully, I have spent almost three years with a Smart Board in my classroom, and we definitely have a great working relationship.

I love making SB games for my students, and I always make sure they are self-checking. Smart Board already has a few interactive tools built-in to accomplish that, but here are five tricks I use apart from the interactive tools.

Trick #1: Magic Eraser

1) First, insert a text box with the answer.
2) Then, change the pen's line color to white and scribble over the answer until it is completely covered.

3) Now, when it's time for students to check their anwer, they just use the eraser tool and the answer magically appears!

Trick #2: Wiggle Wiggle

1) Insert at least two or three answer choices.
 2) Insert a picture under each choice (either from Smart Notebook or your own. Just be sure you have permission to use outside clip art.)

3) Click on the image under the correct answer. Right-click and go to Properties. Then go to Object Animation. You'll find lots of fun things. Then, click on spin.

4) Lock all of your images and text boxes. Now, when a student is ready to tap the right answer, the image will wiggle wiggle!

You can see how I've incorporated both tricks above in my Turkey the Tickle Decimals Game. (It's FREE!) And also in Spanish. :)

Trick #3: Noise Check

1) For this trick, follow steps 1 and 2 from the Wiggle Wiggle Trick.

2) Now, instead of going to Properties, right-click on the correct image and go to Sound.

3) You will either need to record your own piggie-oink sound, or do a web search for one. I usually search for something like "Pig Sound Royalty Free MP3." You want it to be an MP3 file, or you will have to change it to one and that is something I am NOT prepared to blog about.

4) Attach your sound and then lock all of your images and text. Now when students pick an answer, they will have Porkie the Pig checking their accuracy! I would not even let the students know that the object will make a sound. I'm sure it will create a fun surprise for the students, and you will be chuckling inwardly at their responses. :P

You can see how I have incorporated this trick in the following FREE Smart Board games:

So, if these tricks are new for you, are you ready to give them a try? I have a Smart Board template already prepared, complete with graphics for you to insert. If you're proud of what you create with this template, you are free to share and/or sell your game as you like! Click the image for more details.

Do you have any Smart Board tricks up your sleeve? Please share!

Tabitha Carro

Multiplication Smart Board FREEBIE and Other SB Games

Hey, guys! Just finished up my third grade Smart Board math game pack that is CCSS-aligned and super fun! (At least my kiddos and I think so!)

Included in the pack is first a FREEBIE for you to have a sample of my games and see what you think!

You can purchase the whole pack of 16 games for $16 or purchase each title individually at $2 each. Here's the list:

Practice adding and subtracting three-digit numbers.

Find the area by dividing and counting square units and by applying the formula for area. Word problems included.

 Practice making multiplication arrays and multiplication sentences. Word problems included.

 Practice multiplication of one-digit numbers with multiples of ten.

 Interpret and complete bar graphs and picture graphs.

Match the correct factor pair to its product.

 Shade and read fractions. Also plot fractions on a number line.

 Compare the size and equality of fractions using fraction strips.

 Answer questions exploring primarily quadrilaterals and their defining characteristics.

 Solve input/output tables involving addition and subtraction of up to three digits.

 Find the unknown number in a multiplication or division fact problem. Word problems included.

 Practice multiplication facts with four different engaging games.

Solve various problems involving perimeter. Several word problems included.

 Round numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds place.

 Practice reading time to the minute and using number lines to solve elapsed time problems.

Use estimation with rounding to solve addition and subtraction problems in various formats.

Thanks for stopping by!
Tabitha Carro

Five Hundred Followers Freebie & Heart Chain Activity by The Primary Techie

Today was a really beautiful day for me. First, it was the last day before Christmas vacation, and I always  dread party days because it's out of the normal routine. However, thanks to some amazing parents, the party went so smooth, and I actually enjoyed myself!

However, one sweet student didn't get to enjoy it. She instead was at the hospital having her adenoids removed. Her mother emailed me, letting me know she would be absent, that her daughter was pretty nervous, and asking if the students could make a card for her. I had just come across this super neat activity by The Primary Techie for creating a Sandy Hook Memorial out of linked hearts. My students and I adapted this for her, and it turned out very cute.

 Students wrote in Spanish and English

BUT.....I forgot to send the hearts (stuffed in an envelope) with her sister to take home! So, seeing as I was finally on break for the holidays, I decided to make the visit to her house with my husband and dog in tow to deliver the hearts. She seemed truly happy that I had come, and she hung the hearts from the ceiling in her bedroom. The chain reached all the way to the floor and then some!

It was such a nice experience. I think seeing that you have the ability to brighten someone's day really gives you such a sense of self-worth and purpose. And it makes you so grateful to the precious children that appreciate you and boost your self-esteem on a regular basis.

So, speaking of brightening someone's day, each of you 500 followers have brightened my day! I want you to know that with this freebie consisting of Christmas thank-you cards that you can print out and personalize for students, friends, and family who have given you gifts this holiday season.

And of course it's owl-themed. Not for me, but for my partner teacher who is incredibly awesome and ridiculously obsessed with those wide-eyed birds.

Just click on the image for your download. A Spanish version is also provided for my Spanish teacher friends.

¡Have a wonderful Christmas y que la pasen super bien!

Tabitha Carro

"Forty FREE FlapJack Titles of Choice" Giveaway!

Hey, Friends!

I have the itch to do another giveaway!

 (Awesome clip art by Maree Truelove)

Right now I am almost at 2,800 fans and would love to get that big 3,000 soon (before the end of the world would be great, :P). Anyways, so here's what I'm going to do:
  • Starting at 2,800 fans, for every five new likes at my Facebook page (click here to see where I'm at fan-wise), I will email a winner ANY item of choice from my store.
  • I will continue this until  I reach 3,000 fans. All of you math teachers know, that equals 40 winners and 40 free titles!
  • The cool thing is, more participants equals more probable likes at Facebook, so sharing this giveaway is a good thing!



1) Just enter the Rafflecopter below. The only thing you have to do to be in the drawing is like the FlapJack fan page. The rest of the tasks are optional, but will obviously greatly increase your odds.

2) For every five fans that FlapJack gains, I will randomly pick a winner and email them. They will in turn email me the name of their title of choice. I will then email them their title.

Never heard of FlapJack? Not sure if it has anything you need or want in your classroom? Just click here to browse my store.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 iBuena Suerte!

            Tabitha Carro

Holiday Smart Board Freebies!

Hey, friends!

Hope you are having a great holiday season! I really have a lot of fun making Smart Board games, so I've got two new free ones - one for the little guys and one for upper elementary (in math, of course!)

Here's one for early elementary. Students compare groups of lights and pick which symbol is correct. Only the real Santa will say "ho, ho, ho!" (Click the image for your copy.)

And remember, I have lots more where this came from! Click here to see more early elementary Smart Board games at my TpT store.

Here's one for upper elementary. My students are practicing decimals, so I'm sure they'll have fun with this one. (Click image for download.)

Click here to see more upper elementary Smart Board games at my TpT store.

If you would like to know where I get my spectacularly awesome clip art, just stop by Maree Truelove's Etsy shop.

Hope your holidays are rockin'! Have a great week!