Multiplication Smart Board FREEBIE and Other SB Games

Hey, guys! Just finished up my third grade Smart Board math game pack that is CCSS-aligned and super fun! (At least my kiddos and I think so!)

Included in the pack is first a FREEBIE for you to have a sample of my games and see what you think!

You can purchase the whole pack of 16 games for $16 or purchase each title individually at $2 each. Here's the list:

Practice adding and subtracting three-digit numbers.

Find the area by dividing and counting square units and by applying the formula for area. Word problems included.

 Practice making multiplication arrays and multiplication sentences. Word problems included.

 Practice multiplication of one-digit numbers with multiples of ten.

 Interpret and complete bar graphs and picture graphs.

Match the correct factor pair to its product.

 Shade and read fractions. Also plot fractions on a number line.

 Compare the size and equality of fractions using fraction strips.

 Answer questions exploring primarily quadrilaterals and their defining characteristics.

 Solve input/output tables involving addition and subtraction of up to three digits.

 Find the unknown number in a multiplication or division fact problem. Word problems included.

 Practice multiplication facts with four different engaging games.

Solve various problems involving perimeter. Several word problems included.

 Round numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds place.

 Practice reading time to the minute and using number lines to solve elapsed time problems.

Use estimation with rounding to solve addition and subtraction problems in various formats.

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Tabitha Carro

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