Three Smart Board Tricks for Making Self-Checking Problems

Smart Boards are awesome. Especially if you are fortunate enough to have one in your classroom. Thankfully, I have spent almost three years with a Smart Board in my classroom, and we definitely have a great working relationship.

I love making SB games for my students, and I always make sure they are self-checking. Smart Board already has a few interactive tools built-in to accomplish that, but here are five tricks I use apart from the interactive tools.

Trick #1: Magic Eraser

1) First, insert a text box with the answer.
2) Then, change the pen's line color to white and scribble over the answer until it is completely covered.

3) Now, when it's time for students to check their anwer, they just use the eraser tool and the answer magically appears!

Trick #2: Wiggle Wiggle

1) Insert at least two or three answer choices.
 2) Insert a picture under each choice (either from Smart Notebook or your own. Just be sure you have permission to use outside clip art.)

3) Click on the image under the correct answer. Right-click and go to Properties. Then go to Object Animation. You'll find lots of fun things. Then, click on spin.

4) Lock all of your images and text boxes. Now, when a student is ready to tap the right answer, the image will wiggle wiggle!

You can see how I've incorporated both tricks above in my Turkey the Tickle Decimals Game. (It's FREE!) And also in Spanish. :)

Trick #3: Noise Check

1) For this trick, follow steps 1 and 2 from the Wiggle Wiggle Trick.

2) Now, instead of going to Properties, right-click on the correct image and go to Sound.

3) You will either need to record your own piggie-oink sound, or do a web search for one. I usually search for something like "Pig Sound Royalty Free MP3." You want it to be an MP3 file, or you will have to change it to one and that is something I am NOT prepared to blog about.

4) Attach your sound and then lock all of your images and text. Now when students pick an answer, they will have Porkie the Pig checking their accuracy! I would not even let the students know that the object will make a sound. I'm sure it will create a fun surprise for the students, and you will be chuckling inwardly at their responses. :P

You can see how I have incorporated this trick in the following FREE Smart Board games:

So, if these tricks are new for you, are you ready to give them a try? I have a Smart Board template already prepared, complete with graphics for you to insert. If you're proud of what you create with this template, you are free to share and/or sell your game as you like! Click the image for more details.

Do you have any Smart Board tricks up your sleeve? Please share!

Tabitha Carro


  1. Thank you for the template and all the great tips!! We played a game the other day with a Santa that made noise and the kids loved it! I will definitely be making something like this for our upcoming units!! Thanks so much!!


    1. Hey, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to hear your students liked the Santa game!

  2. When you click on the pic of the template it just shows a bigger image of it.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I will change that tomorrow!

  3. I shared this on my facebook page. I'd really love to have a SmartBoard, but alas, that just hasn't worked out for me! I'd LOVE to create fun & engaging activities that students could use while learning French as a Second Language. Maybe someday! Til then, I've shared your tips with any of my follwers who do have an IWB (because I know some do!)

    1. Thanks, Tammy, I appreciate that a bunch! Hopefully soon you will have an interactive board, too! I'm not promoting socialism, but I do feel all teachers should have the same resources! It's only fair!

  4. The picture still just opens a larger preview of the picture. Love your ideas!!

  5. Great write-up! Writing is a life long learner talent, and it must not be wasted.
    As with everything that we had been entrusted, we should let it grow and share it with the world


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