End of the Year Freebie Mini Notes

I forgot about these little guys! I actually made and used them at Christmas time, but they would work perfectly for the end of the year, too. They're in English, Spanish, and there is a blank template, also. Happy end-of-the-year! (Click pic.)

(Thanks for making this year so bright!)

New Multiplication Poke Game FREEBIE!

I'm not out for school yet, so there's still some time to make learning fun for my students this year! One way is with this fun, beach-themed poke game to practice multiplication facts. Just click on the image to download the title for free :). If you need more info. about poke games, you can see them in action in some previous posts here and here. Happy summer!

Fourth Grade Math Smart Board Games & Freebies (CCSS Aligned!)

Here is my latest endeavor - a 16-game Smart Board math pack that is based on 4th grade common core state standards. Each game contains its CCSS alignment and a list of online resources associated with the skill(s) covered in the game. Almost all games are self-checking and can be used in a whole group or in math centers. Three of the games are actually freebies which you can scroll through and find below :).

Complete Pack

Place Value to a Million

Multi-Digit Multiplication

Division Facts Games (3 altogether)

Far Out Fraction

Multiplication Facts Games (4 altogether)

Factor Rainbows and Multiple Rockets

Rounding with the Stars (to a million)

Data Sets

Area & Perimeter

Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction

Long Division

Measurement (Standard and Metric Units)


Geometry FREEBIE

Turkey Tickle Decimals FREEBIE

Symmetry FREEBIE

Motivational Mini Notes for Test Taking (in Spanish, too!)

Hey, guys! I am not so good with keeping my blog post up to date, I apologize! But I've just finished a big math Smart Board game pack for 4th grade, which I'll be sharing soon along with a giveaway, and now I have just finished making four different motivational notes for my kiddos for each of the four different testing days coming up this week.

So far I also have ordered three different trinkets from Amazon to accompany the cards: Glow in the Dark stars, scented donut erasers, and scented bookmarks. Now I just have to find one more item, and I'll be ready to hopefully motivate and brighten my students' mornings as they go into testing.

So, I would love for you to have the motivational notes also which come in Spanish, also. They are very tiny  - 18 to a page. I have 36 children, so I really have to go easy on ink and card stock. That may be too small for your purposes, but hopefully you can find a use for them.

Happy Testing!