I'm in Argentina! And New Video about the Holidays

Hey, guys! My husband is from Argentina, so I'm here with him enjoying the holidays. Here's a pic of me and my husband's cousin on Christmas Eve. The straight hair and makeup didn't last long because it is super hot here! It was 100 degrees today and there is very little air-conditioning here. :P But the good food and family make up for it.

I also "vlogged" for the first time at my YouTube channel about some of the activities I did with my students. We really had a blast this year. Hope you'll watch and please subscribe! Happy holidays to you!

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Poke Cards Video! Awesome activity for self-checking centers!

 Hey, guys! I've been wanting to make this video for a while. For those who have been interested in my poke cards and how they work, here you go! And I have a giveaway planned to give away a bunch of seasonal pokers and poke cards, so stay tuned! Oh, and please subscribe! xoxoxo

For free poke cards and poke card resources, check out my poke card page.

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Tabitha Carro

WINTER Owls Math Facts Poke Bundle Giveaway!

Hey, teacher friends!

I have a new math facts poke bundle out for the winter season. This is a non-holiday themed resource, so it will still be usable after the holidays and is great for those teachers who can't use Christmas-themed materials.

As always, I have them bundled all together at a discounted price. You receive 540 different math fact cards to practice the four different operations. Click on the image for more info.

I also have each operation sold individually. Click on the following images for more details.

Or enter my giveaway down below for a chance to win the whole bundle!

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Tabitha Carro

Ugly Christmas Sweater Tutorial to Motivate Your Students!

I stopped by Dollar General the other day and walked through their Christmas aisle, and within two hours I had changed the green sweater I was wearing that day to this pretty Christmas sweater! I've got problems, I know!

But I think it's going to be a great motivator for my students during the last week before Christmas break. I am always looking for new ways to motivate my immersion students to ONLY speak Spanish.

So, what I think I'm going to do is:

1) Write the phrase "Feliz Navidad" on the board.
2) Hang up my ugly sweater somewhere in the front of the room.
3) Erase a letter every time I hear English.
4) If my students still have a letter remaining by Thursday afternoon, I will be sporting my ugly Christmas sweater on Friday.

What do you think? If you find dressing up fun, I'm sure you'll love this idea. And of course there are a million goals you could set for your class to reach in order to see you wear your Christmas sweater.

To see my ugly Christmas sweater DIY tutorial, just click on the video below! And subscribe while you're there for more FlapJack craziness!

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500 YouTube Subscribers Multiplication Facts Freebie!

Yay! The FlapJack channel has reached 500 subscribers! If you're one of those, I have a nifty multiplication facts worksheet for you. Just watch the video to see how it works! (If you're not a subscriber, you can subscribe here to get your freebie, too!

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TpT Cyber Sale!! Dec. 2nd and 3rd!!

It is that amazing time again! It's Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) at TpT, and it's when teacher resources are the cheapest they will ever be throughout the year. If you're interested in my products, here are some of my best sellers.


If you love owls, this would be a great time to take a look at my All Things Owls Mega Bundle. You will get so much bang for your buck with this resource!


Owl-Themed Morning Work PowerPoint Templates

Smart Board Packs

QR Code Task Card Bundles

Poke Card Bundles

Lapbook Bundles

Other Bundles


Classroom Packs

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