Measurement Unit & Conversions QR Code Fun Pack

Measurement units and conversions are always difficult concepts for my fourth graders. Last year I created a title called Merry Measurement Activities that was helpful with my students. I also created some self-checking poke cards on length conversion. Now, this year I am working on Smart Board games and QR code task cards to also give my students the additional practice they need.

With the help of some awesome teacher/editors, I have finished the QR code task cards and will be going on to the Smart Board games very shortly. These titles can be purchased individually for $2 each or together at a discount.

If you haven't tried QR codes in your classroom, I feel you are missing out! I never have to encourage students to work when QR codes are involved!

(contains 24 self-checking task cards for students to practice unit facts and conversions with cups, pints, quarts, and gallons)

(contains 24 self-checking task cards for students to practice unit facts and conversions with inches, feet, yards, and miles)

(contains 24 self-checking task cards for students to practice unit facts and conversions with seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years)

(contains 24 self-checking task cards for students to practice unit facts and conversions with the metric system [milli-, centi-, meters, liters, grams, and kilo-])

(contains 24 self-checking task cards for students to practice unit facts and conversions with ounces, pounds, and tons)

The cards progress from easy to difficult, and each title contains word problems. These titles are aligned with common core standards 4.MD.A.1 and 4.MD.A.2.

Thanks for your visit! Happy Teaching!

Tabitha Carro

Factor Friends Activity Bundle

Howdy, teacher friends! Just wanted to share some new titles I have come out with to use with my students to practice factors.

 QR codes are so cool! They really engage students and give them a self-checking way to monitor their own progress. This title contains 24 task cards on factors and the greatest common factor, along with a recording sheet for students to check their own work. You then can use the sheet to spot-check what areas they need help with. All you need is a Smart Phone, an iPad 2 or higher, or an iPod 4th generation or higher. Click here to see more.

In this minibook, students color only the animal friends that have the correct factor pairs for the number in the heart. This also has a Spanish version. I will be using this for sub plans. Click here to see more.


This "poke" game is a super fun game that is self-checking and very entertaining. Students choose which animal pair has the right numbers to make the product in the heart. Click here to see more.

This SMART BOARD game is another interactive, self-checking way for students to connect the factor pair with its product. This reverse way of practicing multiplication facts is another way to help reinforce them.

This game is also a part of my Third Grade Smart Board Math Pack.

I do have all of the above titles bundled together for $5.

And don't forget, although these are all paid products, I do have this freebie down below for anyone who subscribes to my newsletter before Feb. 3rd. Click here or the image to subscribe.

Hope you're having a great week!
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Valentine Freebies, Ideas, & Titles!

 Hey, guys! Happy love month! Well, almost. :) I'm trying to organize anything Valentine, love or heart related that I have done here in one post. Here's an overview below with a Pinterest pic I made at Pic Monkey. I like it!
A compilation video of awesome TpT freebies!

 This is a SMART BOARD freebie to practice equivalent fractions and decimals. Click here for your download.

Here's a fun activity I posted about at The Green Classroom about recycling a chocolate container to practice math. Click here to read more.

Just finished this poke game for my students on factor pairs. Can't wait to try it out. Click here for more details.

Here's a fun, hands-on activity I did with my students last year to practice Spanish vocabulary. Obviously it can be used for any sort of vocabulary. Click here to read more.

Here's a minibook I just created to go along with the factor theme. It's also translated in Spanish. Click here to see more.

And for the little guys, I have two things:

Going back to the factor theme, this is a cute, little Smart Board game I created in my Third Grade Smart Board Game Pack. Click here for more.

For my Spanish friends, here is a SMART BOARD freebie to practice Spanish vocabulary for the Valentine season. Click here for your freebie.

 And here's a Spanish card to celebrate the special occasion.

 Any QR Code fans out there?? I absolutely LOVE them and so do students. Here's a QR code title on yet again - factors.

Need some positive reinforcement during Valentine's Day? These coupons are FREE and editable on Feb 3rd when you subscribe to the FlapJack newsletter (I'll try to make it available in later issues, also.) Click here to subscribe.

Here's a heart chain activity your students can make to brighten up someone's day. Click here to see more.

Need to make some Valentine centers in a rush? These editable templates will help you do just that. And you can sell them at your TpT store, too. :) Click here for more.

Here's some heart clip art for commercial and personal use during the love season. Click here to see more.
 Brighten your room during the Valentine's holiday season with these editable PowerPoint templates that you can use to display morning work or seat work instructions. This resource contains five PP slides (one for each day of the week), and there are two templates to choose from for each theme.
Poke games are a creative, simple, self-checking way for students to practice their math facts. And the cute owl design is perfect for Valentine's Day! My students love them!

And last but not least, here's a patriotic heart activity my students did with a freebie template included.

Have a wonderful Valentine's, everybody!

Tabitha Carro

I Love Class Dojo!

Yes, I have finally drunk the Dojo Juice, and it is awesome! If you haven't heard of it before, it's an awesome online website/app to document student behavior and create data to share with parents and students.

I'm not going to hash about how to use it, since there are already so many resources (click here for a video tutorial), but I will just share my two cents.

To sign up, click here.

Go Dojo, you won't regret it!

Tabitha Carro

Math Fishing Fun

Sometimes husbands can really come through and be geniuses. Such was the case for me recently when my husband and I were shopping, and he suggested buying the classic fishing game as a learning tool. How can it be a learning tool? Well, his suggestion was to stick problems on the bottom of each fish.

What I Ended Up Doing Was:

1) Sticking white stickers on the bottom and labeling each fish with a number from 1 to 21.
2) Covering the stickers with Mod Podge just to be careful.
3) Creating some numbered QR code task cards with a fishy theme on estimation. I ended up creating 24, but only 21 were used for the game.
4) Setting the cards up on a pocket chart.

How Students Played:

1) In pairs during math stations, students took turns fishing.
2) Once they caught a fish, they grabbed the task card with the number that matched the number on the bottom of their fish.

3) Students solved their problem. I had white boards available if they needed to work the problem out.
4) Their partner checked their answer by scanning the QR code with an iPod.

5) If the student was correct, they kept the fish. If the student was incorrect, they had to drop the fish back in the "pond."

6) The game ended once all fish were caught and won or once the time was up for that group.
7) The student with the most fish won.

This was a lot of fun, and I can use this game with any set of task cards I have made or purchased from other teachers, so that's pretty nifty.

Word of caution: If students aren't careful, poles will break, fish will be squashed, students will cry. My game was definitely made in China.

If you're interested in the Fish Bowl QR Code Task Cards I made, just click here for Teachers pay Teachers or here for Teachers Notebook. Here's a preview:

Husbands can really come through sometimes! :)

Tabitha Carro