Multi-Digit Multiplication Math Stations

 I love math stations, and I think or at least hope that my students do, too. Here is what we did recently during math station time to practice multi-digit multiplication.

To begin, students worked in partners (I really don't find more than that as productive. One student always seems to be standing aloof or off-task).

I gave them each a recording sheet which I got from my Multi-Digit Multiplication QR Code Fun resource. Students carried this around on clip boards while rotating around to the different stations. Once their sheet was full, they turned it in for a QR code behavior coupon and then grabbed a new sheet to start again.

iPAD Station 

Students used the apps Multi-Digit Multiplication (can't find the link :() and Lattice Grid to practice problems. They were allowed to copy these onto their recording sheets.

Smart Board Stations

Students played Multiplication Problems, a self-checking game I created, on the Smart Board. These problems were also allowed to be copied onto their sheets.

QR Code Task Card Station

Using one of those preschool gumball machine toys, students chose a ball. Each ball had a number written on it. The number on the ball was the number of the QR code multiplication task card that they were to complete. It's amazing how much fun they have with this toddler toy. After solving the multiplication problem on the card, they used an iPod to scan and check their answer.

Soccer Poke Cards Station

I found this little soccer game at Goodwill. It was brand new and still in the package. Students answered an extended multiplication poke card from my Popsicle Poke Extended Facts Resource. If they were correct, they tried their luck at kicking the ball into the net. To do this, you actually have to plug your fingers into the shoes. When I demonstrated this for the kids, I got so tickled and could not stop laughing. It just looked so ridiculous!

Answer Keepers Station

I created problems using shampoo bottle caps. Click here to see the post on that activity. Students used vinyl dry-erase circles to complete their work. Then they opened the lid to reveal the answer inside. As you can see, my students are really favoring the lattice method. So different from when I was a kid!

And that's a wrap! Now we're on to long division, angles, and coordinate graphing - all in one unit. Thanks, Everyday Math, geesh!

Hope you're having a great week!

Tabitha Carro

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  1. You have so many neat math ideas!! I LOVE math!! It is easy to find literacy ideas, but math ideas are hard to come by. Thank you for sharing. Your newest follower, Stephanie


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