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 Hey, ya'll! Rachel Lynette's Multiplication Jenga Labels have had me in love with the Jenga format for practicing math skills for a while now, so last week I combined that love with my love of QR codes in a self-checking Jenga game about fractions. Almost ALL of the fourth grade common core fractions standards are covered in some way through the 54 Jenga labels I have created.

This video shows the game in action:

My students don't really play the correct Jenga format with this game. They just build a group tower together however they wish with blocks that they have solved correctly.

Here's How It Works


Easy Way
1) Print the two pages of Jenga cards on whole sheet sticker paper. I buy mine at Amazon.
2) Laminate the pages before cutting anything. (Try to use the lowest mm of thickness possible. The thicker lamination seems to reflect the light more, making it harder to scan the QR codes.)
3) Cut out and stick onto the sides of the Jenga blocks.

Not-So-Easy Way
1) Print out the two pages of Jenga cards on regular printing paper.
2) Cut out each of the cards.
3) Position onto blocks and cover with clear packaging tape. Make sure the tape completely covers the QR codes. If there are any tape lines, the QR code may not scan.


Players: 1 to 4
1) Take turns choosing Jenga blocks.
2) Solve the problem and tell the answer to your group.
3) Have someone else check your answer by scanning the QR code. (To do this, students need an iPod 4th generation or higher, an IPAD 2 or higher, or a Smartphone. Download any scan app from the app store of the device.)

4) If you are correct, use this block to begin creating a tower. If you are incorrect, place the block back in the pile of blocks.
5) Continue building until there are no more blocks left.

Fun Option: Take a picture of your completed tower with your scanning device and show your teacher.

So, that's it! The Jenga blocks were actually donated to me by a parent. Ask your parents for any old games they have. You never know what you might get...for free!

And speaking of free, just click here for your labels and instructions to this game.

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  1. This is awesome! Do you mind if I share your project on a webinar I am doing next month on iPads in the classroom? I will direct people to your blog.
    Find me at @SaraAngieNormof on twitter.

  2. Of course! That would be awesome, and I would be honored!

  3. My Kiddos are going to go nuts over this game. I have a class set of iPods and an always looking for new ways to use them!

  4. Oh my goodness this is AWESOME!!! Now I just have to work out how to print on sticker paper!

    I've just become your latest follower! Thanks for this awesome resource!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  5. I've printed your codes and am now debating whether I paint all my blocks bright colours so it looks extra awesome, or just get the QR codes and problems stuck on so we can try it tomorrow... ahhhhh what to do!?!

    Thanks for this awesome resource! I'm your latest follower!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  6. What a creative way to integrate a hands-on experience with QR codes! I am a new blogger and I am becoming a little obsessed with QR Codes. You have so many great products! I would love it if you swung on by and joined my "I heart QR Codes" Linky party and share one of your most favorite QR code activities!


  7. You are a genius!! I'm not ready to do these games yet, but I will some day. Pure awesomeness.

  8. This is just beyond awesome! Absolutely love it :) I've never done anything like this with the class and I just KNOW they are going to LOVE it :)

    Thank you sooooo much!

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher

  9. If you print on sticker paper then laminate how does it stick?


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