Self-Checking Center Cards (Poke Cards)

When it comes to centers and stations, any activity that is self-checking is my best friend! It saves me a lot of headache, and students receive automatic feedback and become more independent. That's why I love poke cards. They do take some extra work to prepare, but once they're created, your work is done. Now the work is left up to the students. But since poke cards are hands-on and fun, it won't be a problem!

Here's a video that also shows how they work!

Please check out poke card freebies and resources below!

Poke Card Freebies


Owl Operation Bundles










Fraction Poke Bundle


  1. Fantastic! I just put a whole bunch in my shopping cart. I am going to make them over Spring Break, my grade one students will love them! Thank you for sharing your excellent ideas. Jodi


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