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Hey, guys!

Hope you had a super. awesome week with your students! I know it's loco time right now with testing and spring fever, but the end is close in sight!

Here's a freebie to add some fun to your end-of-the-year stations. :)

This video shows the game in action:

What You Need:

 1) CHECKERS! I bought mine for $2 at Dollar General. Yesterday, I picked up two more at discount for just $1 each! I have also found them at Good Will.
2) Whole Sheet Sticker Paper would be awesome, so you don't have to paste the labels on by hand. I get mine from Amazon.
3) A Scanning Device - iPod (4th generation or later), iPad (2nd generation or later), or a Smart Phone.

What to Do:

1) Print paper (preferably on whole sheet sticker paper. I get mine
from Amazon.). If possible, change page scaling to "none" on printer settings. That way, the QR codes will keep their original size.
2) Cut and stick the labels on all of the squares (or paste). You can laminate the page before cutting, but the gloss from the lamination may make scanning the QR codes more difficult.

How to Play:

Players: 2 to 4 (partners can play as a team)
1) Play game as you generally would when playing regular checkers.
2) However, every time a player moves, they must answer the problem correctly on the square they land on.
3) The other team checks their answer by scanning the QR code.

Two different game labels are provided:

1) GFC Y LCM – Students must give the correct GCF or LCM of a number pair to advance.
2) Mental Math – Students must answer the problem correctly using only mental math to advance.

Optional: QR Code Framers are provided to help students scan QR code. To create, print and laminate the framers. Then cut out the square in the middle.

To download your free labels, click the image below!


Happy QR Coding!

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  1. I have been teaching for 20 years, but am always looking for new and fun ways for my kids to practice math. Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

    1. Sorry, I'm responding so late, Kim, but thanks for your kind comment! Hope you're having an awesome year!

  2. Well now, I am loving this! Very creative and I know my students will love it! Thank you:)

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for your kind words!

  3. This sounds great. What grade is it for?

    1. Hey, Kathy! Upper elementary - 3-5th. :)


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