FlapJack Classroom Materials Packs

Classroom themes are great! They help bring focus to your classroom decor, and they provide cohesiveness to your teaching materials. Here's a list of the Classroom Material Packs available by FlapJack. Each materials pack is comprehensive and jam-packed with resources to make your classroom the best it can be. Have a look!

              Chevron Flowers Classroom Materials Pack          Frogs Classroom Materials Pack

           Jungle Safari Classroom Materials Pack           Monster Classroom Materials Pack

                    Ocean Beach Classroom Materials Pack               Owls Classroom Materials Pack

                                              Rainbow Stripes & Dots Classroom Materials Pack

And a Pirate Theme is on its way towards the end of July I hope!

I also have a Bulletin Board Bundle that is full of themes for decorating your bulletin board throughout the year,

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  1. I can't wait to see your pirate one. That is the theme I am planning on using next year.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I am planning on using a camping theme next year. Do you have any plans on making something geared towards that. I know some people are adding owls in with their camping stuff but I don't plan on doing that.

  3. Have any theme packs using dogs? I found the cutest fabric for my curtains and am looking for prepared dog-theme items. Your work is excellent! Thanks!

  4. I am doing a castle/knights and ladies theme--Mrs. Lynn's Kindergarten Kingdom. I love it because it's not super common, but I have had to be really creative finding materials! Thankfully there was a VBS out this summer that had to do with a kingdom, so Oriental Trading and Mardel have had products for that and I've been able to use some of those.

  5. How about a duck theme? My team this year is the Dazzling Ducks and we can't find anything out there with a duck theme! Thanks`

  6. I would love to see a game board theme pack. My idea is that for about two months the class will focus on one board game. Each day the students can earn turns to play at the end of their time with me (Special education class) by completing goals. When they finish the board game they can earn a larger reward. After about two months I will create a different game for the students to play.....


Thank you for sharing your thoughts here at FlapJack!