Helper Highlighters for Early Finishers

Hey, friends!

Here are some "helper" highlighters I put together for my early finishers to help me in math with students who are still struggling with certain problems. They will use them to help explain problems and mark important words in the problems for the students they are helping. I just used decorative scotch tape for the flags and stuck them in my Mexico mug. We'll see how it works tomorrow!

Hopefully it will be a big help. I have 23 students in each class this year, which is the most I've had in my whole ten-year teaching career (lucky me, I know!). So, I'm trying more than ever to have my students help out wherever possible. Students like being given responsibility in 4th grade, anyway, so it's a win-win for all of us!

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Tabitha Carro

FREE Editable Newsletter Template

Hey, ya'll!

My first week went grrrrrreat! My students were very respectful and sweet, and their parents were so encouraging at our parent night. I hope you had/or will have a great first week, also!

I always send my homework electronically every Monday in an email. It's not pretty, but my parents appreciate being on the same page as my immersion students as things do tend to get lost in translation. :P 

I turned my format into a PowerPoint template that you can also use if you send newsletters or such to your parents via email. All you need to do is change the text, save it as a PDF, and you're good to go!

If you enjoy this freebie, I would love to know if you would be interested in more editable newsletters. If so, is the layout ok or what would you suggest? Also, what themes would you like to see?

Click here or on the image to download this freebie newsletter template. :) I also have editable morning work templates, too!

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Tabitha Carro

Editable School Themed Morning Independent Seat Work PowerPoint Slides

For the past three years, I have been using these really unattractive PowerPoint slides for student instructions on morning and independent work. My slides for back to school are really shabby, so I sat down tonight to brighten them up, and hopefully make the instructions I post a little more appealing!

There are five school-themed slides - one for each day of the week. There is a space for the date and three text box areas. All of the text is editable (except for the numbers).

I have this resource available for $2 at Teachers pay Teachers. Click here or the image for more details.

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Tabitha Carro

Finally! The Back to School TpT Sale Has Arrived!

(Awesome graphic provided by Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs)

If you've been eying a FlapJack resource, now's the time to take advantage! Here are some of my bestsellers that are 20% off (plus the TpT discount using code BTS13) on August 18th and 19th:

Classroom Material Packs

These are by far my most popular items.

Smart Board Game Packs


QR Code Task Card Bundles

Poke Games

(super fun, self-checking, great for centers)

Clip Art Packs

Other Items

Tons & tons of owl-themed, CCSS-aligned, kindergarten worksheets 

Five Activities for Practicing Angles

Four Activities for Coordinate Graphing

Four Activities for Finding Factors

 Three activity-filled packs for practicing math concepts during special seasons

This pack includes seven titles that cover nine Spanish irregular verbs in the present tense through the use of B&W readers, color readers, games, and more!

Make your life easier and your student work board even prettier with this Bulletin Board Bundle.

 This pack includes seven fun-filled titles that cover the pre-primer Dolch sight word list.

Happy Teacher Shopping!

Hanging Fan Labels for Tables, Centers, or Stations with FREE Number Circles

Anyone else feel like a first-year teacher EVERY year?? I am beginning my tenth year of teaching tomorrow, and I promise you I do not understand why it is taking me every waking minute to get my stuff together!

Aaaanyways, here are some fan labels I created to mark my math station areas that were really easy and cheap to make.

What I Used:

1) Hanging fans from Party City for only $1.99 for a pack of five.

2) String to hang the fans (the string that comes attached was not long enough).
3) Glue gun
4) Number Circle Labels - I've created number 1-12 for you to download here.

5) Optional: Two inch circle punch. I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby. With a 40% off coupon, I paid around $7 I think.

What I Did:

1) I printed and laminated the labels. DO NOT circle-punch after laminating. I almost broke my hand AND the punch trying to cut the circles. If you want the circles laminated, punch them out before laminating and then cut out by hand.
2) After opening the fans, I hot-glued a number circle to each center of a fan.
3) I cut off the attached string and added my own ribbon for added length.
4) Probably not the best method, but I stapled the strings to the ceiling above each math station.

These could be used to mark tables, work areas, centers, stations, etc.

Hopefully they'll last. We'll see!

I hope you have a fantastic year!!

Are you looking for classroom theme or color scheme ideas? Be sure to check out the following classroom material bundles I have created:

Six Teacher Tips for Classroom Organization with the Evernote App

Are you an Evernote fan? I absolutely love it. It has been a helpful tool to organize all of the chaos in my brain. 

If you've never heard of Evernote, it's a note-taking app and website that stores your notes in a database sort of manner. The best part is that it syncs across all platforms. You can access your notes from the computer, your smartphone, your iPad, etc., and it will all be there. To learn more about the basics of using Evernote, click here.

As a teacher, I have found myself using Evernote in the classroom more than any other place. It keeps me organized and helps give me some peace of mind.

Here are six of many ways to use Evernote in the classroom:

1) Make an Inventory of Your Resources/Activities 

I hate going through my math station activities just to find a great resource I overlooked for a skill we have already covered. To help make sure that doesn't happen, I create a note for each math skill I teach with station activites/games/lessons/apps/Smart Board games I have on hand.

It's sort of in my own language, but you get the point. Every skill has its own note with all pertaining activities attached to it. When I'm ready to pull up a note, I just search the name of the skill and the note pops up.

Note: If you do your lesson plans on a computer program, you can actually attach the note as a link in your lesson plans. When you're ready to prepare work stations or activities for that day, you can click on the link for a reminder of what you have to use. You can see this in action by clicking on my link for Area/Perimeter Math Groups.


2) Making To-Do Lists 

Here are some important lists I have added to my Evernotes - Beginning of the Year, Parties, Field Trip, Conferences, End of the Year, etc. I'm a very forgetful person. Instead of having to go through a mental check-list for these events every year, I just access the note I need from my Evernote app, and I'm good to go.


3) Reminders


Evernote has now added a reminder feature to the notes. Have a super busy planning period coming up? Instead of laying awake all night stressing about it, make a list of what needs to be done, add a reminder that will alert you on your phone at the time of your planning period, and get some much-needed rest.

4) Individual Student Documentation 

How about a note for each student? This year I'm planning on creating a note of documentation for each student.  With Evernote, not only can I make notes of student progress and behavior, I can also insert photos of students' work. Since Evernote syncs across devices, whenever I need to document something in the classroom, I can grab my school iPad, the school laptop, my iPhone -  whatever is closest to record my observations. During conferences, I can see this as being a very helpful resource. Since each note can be shared, it may even be something I can give to parents at the end of the year to show their child's growth. We'll see how it goes.

UPDATE: Bev, a reader, just shared that she records her students reading in Evernote to use as documentation and to share with parents. Awesome idea! This encouraged me to do some further research, and I found this super helpful post by True Learning that shows how you can also insert video into your notes. This requires an extra app and a little bit of tech-savviness with your device, but I just uploaded a video of my dog into Evernote, and it worked great! Can't WAIT to use these ideas to create portfolios for each of my immersion students this year.


5) Resource Ideas 

Are you a teacher author/creator? Evernote is great for that, too. I am preparing a pack of Smart Board math games for second grade. Instead of having to rehash and remember my plans for this resource, I've created notes for each game that include the clip art, helpful links, the standard etc. When I'm ready, I'll dive into this job without having to remember everything all over again.

6) Blog ideas



Do you blog? Do you have great ideas for a post but always at an inconvenient time for writing it all out? Make a note or notes for your blog ideas, so you can record ideas on the go and then return back to them when the time is right.

Actually, guess where I'm writing this post right now? On my iPhone in a cabin near Charleston, SC with the rain falling right outside my window. I don't have my computer neither a good connection to the internet, but I'm inspired, so I have to take advantage of this moment. Thanks to Evernote I can. When I finally connect to the internet, it will automatically update what I have written.

The sky is definitely the limit when it comes to Evernote in the classroom. Have any Evernote ideas to share? Are you using it, too?

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Hanging Editable Owl Circle Templates Freebie for 5,000 FlapJack Facebook Friends!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! The FlapJack Facebook page has 5,000 friends now! I would love to do an awesome giveaway, but there's just no time with school starting back. Instead, I've created these customizable owl labels that will hopefully be useful to all of my teacher friends.

Instructions and ideas for using the labels are included in the resource. Click on the image to download your copy.


Love owls??

Click here to see my Owl Classroom Materials Pack.
Click here to browse all of my owl titles.
Click here to see the cute owl clip art used in this resource created by husband. :)

And hey, let's be Bloglovin' friends!

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FREE Shapes Posters in English and Spanish

Hey, guys!

So, I wonder if anyone can relate to this: Last night, I drifted to sleep while my husband mumbled about the fact that he couldn't get to sleep. After a couple of hours, I wake up to the sound of some bizarre moving playing. I end up watching it with him. Now he's asleep, and I'm at the computer - MEN!!!

Anyways, I've gone ahead and finished this freebie on shape posters. The following shapes are included and a SPANISH version is also provided - circle, oval, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, heart, star, trapezoid, and triangle.

This freebie goes along with my Frog-Themed Classroom Materials Pack.

Are you looking for a different classroom theme or color scheme? Be sure to check out the following classroom material bundles I have created: