Chevron Noise Charts Displays in English and Spanish

Hey, ya'll!

I'm trying to prep and share the things I have made for my classroom this year, so here's one of them - a hanging noise display. I made one in English for my partner teacher, and we use them from time to time for students to know what type of noise level is permitted during a specific activity.

To Make:

1) Print out and laminate the chevron circles here.
2) Hole punch the tops and bottoms of each circle.
3) Loop ribbon through the hole punches and tie fairly tightly.
4) Glue the black "please" or "por favor" to a clothespin.

And you're ready to go!

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Hope you enjoy!


  1. This is terrific. I will be making one TODAY! Thanks!

  2. I love them for my class. Thanks :-)

  3. Cool idea, I'll recommend it to other teachers around) What do you think of what I'm doing at ?

    1. Thanks! Your site looks great! How do I follow?

  4. These are so cute. I just pinned them for later.

  5. I love them however need the numbers in reverse order. Any way of getting in reversed? I am willing to pay.


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