How to Create QR Codes with Text

So, if you know what a QR code is, and you know how to scan one, then you're more than ready to start creating them. 

There are many free websites to help you accomplish this. For a simple text QR code, lets go to the QR Code Generator website.

1) In the text box, create your message.

2) Click on the "Save" button on the right and save the code to your computer.
Be sure to save your QR code image file with a name that you will remember. Otherwise, it will be assigned a file name that will be very difficult to distinguish from other QR code files later on.

Here are some activities I and others have created with simple text QR codes:

1) Task Cards - I teach math and QR codes are AWESOME for providing self-checking practice for computation, word problems, etc.
2) Morning Routine Instructions - If you have one-to-one devices, I have heard of teachers creating a QR code with instructions for what students are to do when they arrive. Students take their device, scan the QR code, go to their seat, and they're ready for the day.

3) Encouraging Message - Brighten a student's day by printing out a personal QR code message for a job well done, their birthday, cleanest desk, etc. TechedOutTeacher has an awesome way to say "good job" to students using QR codes. This freebie was one of the first resources that got me into QR codes.

There are so many more ways to use text QR codes. What comes to your mind? Please share, pretty please! :)

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