Multiplication Fact Center Station Ideas

I shared this pic on Instagram (follow me for more FlapJack love!) and had a few requests to explain my stations I used for practicing multiplication facts.

So here goes:

Station #1 - Poke Cards

These cards I have created myself. They are lots of fun and students check each other for accuracy. These are my Factor Friends poke cards.

Station #2 - SMART BOARD

Students play a Factor Friends Smart Board game that I have created.

Station #3 - CandyLand

CandyLand - This is one of the first resources I created. It covers missing factors and properties of multiplication.

Station #4 - Multiplication Jenga

You can read more about this awesome game by Rachael Lynette at Minds in Bloom.

Station #5 - Chinese Checkers Multiplication

I found this game for $1 at Dollar General. I added a pack of multiplication flashcards with the answers on the back. Students quiz each other and must get their problem right before they may take a turn.

Station #6 - BINGO!!

No explication needed here!

Station #7 - Arcademic Skillbuilders

I have three computers (thankfully), so I have saved this awesome math website as an icon on the desktop for students to click on and play.

Station #8 - Laptop Smart Board Games

I have two Mac laptops and I donated one of my own for students to play review games from my Third Grade Smart Board pack. This game is Candy Multiplication Arrays.

Station #9 - Wrap-Ups

A teacher donated these to me and the students love 'em!

Station #10 - iPad

I have a folder of multiplication apps on each student iPad. Students know to go directly to that folder and choose a game to play.


Station #11 - Bottle Cap Multiplication

Lots of fun! For details on how to play this, go here.

Station #12 - Dominoes

This was donated to me also by a teacher. If a group has connected a lot of dominoes, I let them snap a picture of their work with one of the iPads.

For instructions on how I implement these stations without it being one hot mess, click here!

Happy Teaching!

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