Why QR Codes in the Classroom? Why not?!

Thanks to my tech-savvy husband, I was introduced to QR codes about two years ago and have found them to be amazing tools to use in the classroom. Many teachers are starting to implement these codes in their classrooms and with good reason - they're a lot of fun!

As I've begun to experiment with QR codes in my classroom, I've received a fair amount of questions from fellow teachers about them - how do they work, what do you need, how do you add pictures to QR codes, and so on. Hopefully, the tutorials I'm posting now will help to answer those questions and others. If I haven't answered your question, please let me know!

Why mix QR codes into your classroom instruction?


1) They are fantastic at engaging students. I myself get a thrill at scanning a code and waiting for that secret message or link to appear.

2) They help students check their own work, making them much more independent. Instead of poring over recording sheets - that work is done and you can spend you time much more purposefully with your students.

3) They provide immediate feedback and are much more effective than checking work with a paper answer key (in my opinion).

So, I'll start by answering basic questions and then moving on to some more interesting ideas for using QR codes. Definitely not an expert here, but I'm hoping to provide an online resource for teachers who are excited to work with QR codes in their classrooms.

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FlapJack QR Code Resources

Try your hand at QR Codes with these freebies. :)


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