GIVEAWAY - 15 awesome crazy pens!!!

My students LOVE getting to use a crazy pen for the day and so will yours with this super set of 15 crazy pens! Watch this video to see more details or go ahead and start playing down below!

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Tabitha Carro


  1. When my students are AWESOME I have a headband with a mustache on it I let them wear. It means they have been acting, "Like a sir" (from the popular meme) It cost me nothing (though I could have made it for super cheap) and students LOVE it! I also let them take selfies with it which is exciting since cell phones aren't always allowed in my class. I have more props I use to reward (or keep them in line) here: but I LOVE the pen idea. I used to give out Angry Birds pens that I found at Wal Mart and students LOVED it. I never even thought of just loaning them out instead of giving them.


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