TpT 20% Off Sale and Blog Hop Winner Announced!

A big CONGRATS to Patti Strout for winning my leg of the Blog Hop Giveaway!! Whoo-hoo! 

And I just want to be sure that EVERY single teacher knows that the TpT 20% off sale is right now! I and so many will be taking advantage of finally being able to purchase our wishlist items thanks to this sale! 

You can check out FlapJack's top resources here.

Happy Shopping! 

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HUGE Blog Hop Giveaway and Super SALE at TpT!

Hey, ya'll! This is a BIG week! A Blog Hop Giveaway and a TpT SALE!!


I'm super excited to team up with some fantastic upper elementary TpT sellers for a very exciting Blog Hop giveaway! Each of us (starting right now) are doing a giveaway consisting of one $25 Teachers pay Teachers gift certificate and one special product from our store. We will each choose a winner Thursday morning, just in time for you to cash it in during the huge 3 million teachers TpT sale!

With it being a blog hop, you can enter all of our giveaways for a much better chance of winning (although of course you can only win one of the prizes). So, hopefully you are sold on entering the giveaway at this point, so just go on ahead to the Rafflecopter down below and get started! And for added incentive, I'm giving away one item of choice from the FlapJack shop to the special winner!

And I'm also linking up with the amazing Rachel Lynette from Minds in Bloom, so be extra sure to join her giveaway, too. She also has a special treat included in her giveaway!


You probably already know, but TpT has reached 3,000,000 teachers strong, so they are having a sale Wednesday and Thursday (February 27 and 28). You probably also already know that this does not happen often, so it's a great time to check those items out of your wishlist. The promo code is TPT3, and most sellers, myself included, have our items discounted at an additional 20% off.


I do not like being a salesperson at all, but I do have some new items such as my St. Patricks Day Math Bundle for 2nd and 3rd, St. Patricks Day Math Bundle for 4th and 5th, Morning Work PowerPoint Templates, and All Things Owls Mega Bundle that I think would be a great bargain at 28% off.

You can also check out my other popular items such as math center activities, Smart Board games, and classroom decor packs all HERE (or just browse through my sidebar to the right).


So let's get this party started! Remember, it ends Wednesday, the 27th, at midnight est, and the winner will be sent the gift certificate code to go shopping on Thursday. Be sure to "hop" on over to all of the giveaways down below!

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Increase Your Odds, Start Blog-Hoppin'!  

And if you're serious about winning, but would like some help keeping track of your entries, Laura Candler of Teaching Resources has provided a nifty PDF to help you stay organized.

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Guest Post - QR Code Tips with Nancy Alvarez of Teaching with Nancy!

Hey, guys! I am so happy to have guest blogger Nancy Alvarez share about her experience and knowledge with QR codes. These coded squares are being used more and more in the classroom, and she shares some fabulous tips for how you can incorporate QR codes in your classroom, too! Enjoy!

Hi, my name is Nancy Alvarez from Tabitha was very kind to invite me to write a post on her blog about QR codes. I was a classroom teacher for 13 years and have served as an instructional coach for the last three years. I absolutely love embedding technology into lesson to engage learners. I call it T.I.M.E. Technology Integration and Meaningful Engagement. I recently attended a huge technology conference in Austin, TX called TCEA and was inundated with ideas shared by other educators for using QR codes in the classroom. In two of the session I participated in, the presenters used Tabitha's QR products as examples of a great way to use QR codes for learning and engagement. You should have seen me, I shot up my iPhone as fast as I could and took a picture both times. Immediately, I sent Tabitha a message with the pictures and told her she was famous!

Here are the pictures to prove it!

By the number of people in the room attending these sessions it is evident that there is a QR craze well on its way. I realize QR codes are nothing new, but just like with all new things, it takes time to perfect the craft of embedding new technology seamlessly into our daily teaching. There are plenty of list already published with ideas for using QR codes in the classroom. I don't want to share yet another list, but I do want to share some web tools and some QR ideas that were new to me.

Check Out These Free QR Code Web Tools

QR Voice ( Generates qr-code for a synthesized voice message. Google URL Shortener and Tracker ( Not only shortens your url to create a simpler and easy to read QR code but also tracks how many times it was scanned. Tammy's Tech Tips for Teachers: Create a Batch of QR Codes ( QR Code Treasure Hunt ( Lets you create question and answer QR quizzes. DemoQRacy ( Tool to create offline polling using mobile phones. QR Code Timeline ( Using this site import QR codes instead of images. Here is an example that was shared.


QR Tip

Did you know that if you shorten the url before creating a QR code it will generate a simpler QR code that is easier to scan and read? This QR Code Generator gives you a url shorten option ( Example: The QR code to the left has a long url. The QR code on the right was created with a shortened url.


I see many possibilities and creative ways QR codes can be utilized to facilitate and engage teaching in learning in the classroom. I'd like to share some activities I created about a year ago using QR codes with audio. They are a syllable counting activities to build phonological awareness, vocabulary and support second language learners.   I hope I've shared something new about QR codes that perhaps you did not know before but mostly, I hope I have motivated you to think of creative ways to use these tools to engage your students and make learning in your classroom even more fun!


Best regards,

QR Code MATH Task Cards Bundles GIVEAWAY!
 Hey, guys! I just made a product video about my QR code task cards, so to celebrate, I am doing of course a GIVEAWAY!!!! Ten winners will win their choice of one of the follow bundles below:

To see more information about the following bundles, please watch my new video by clicking here or on the image below.

If you're interested in using QR codes in your classroom, but you're unfamiliar with how they work, check out my QR Code Tips and Tutorials page which has a lot of info. that is bound to help you out.

Ok, so let's get down to business. Here's the Rafflecopter, thanks so much in advance for following and sharing about FlapJack. The contest ends on Saturday, February 22 at midnight, est.

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St. Patrick's Day TpT Freebies Video and Linky Party!
Alright, ya'll! Valentine's Day has passed, so now it's time to gear up for the month of green with lots of fun St. Patty's Day learning activities in your classroom. And I even pulled out my special tutu for this one. :)

Click here or on the images above to see some super duper ones in action that are 100% FREE! And if you're a teacher-author who missed getting your St. Patrick's Day freebie featured, you can still link it up down below! Would you like one of your freebies featured in one of my videos? It's an awesome way to get lots of exposure because not only is your freebie on YouTube, but it's also added to the FlapJack Films Pinterest board, and I also spread the word about your resource on my Facebook page and Instagram account. So, it's definitely worth submitting and you can do that right here. Thanks!!

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28 Story Starter Covers Freebie for 1000 FlapJack YouTube Subscribers!

 I'm a little late on this one, and I apologize so much! But I really wanted to do it right, and make sure it was a worthwhile freebie that truly expresses how grateful I am to you for subscribing to my YouTube channel. :) If you haven't subscribed yet, it's easy! Just click here or on the image below, and you'll be on your way to receiving this set of 28 Story Starter Covers (in Spanish, too!).

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Morning Work PowerPoint Templates Giveaway!
My latest resource is out, and it bundles 13 seasonal morning work PowerPoint templates that you can use all throughout the year to display instructions in an easy, clear-to-understand format. For my language people. you can adjust the language in PowerPoint and use the templates as well. For more details, click here or on the image above. If you'd like to win a free copy of this bundle, just participate in the Rafflecopter below! Winners will be chosen Saturday, February 116th at midnight! Suerte!

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Internet Responsibility Video in English AND Spanish!

Howdy ALL!

So, I'm taking a graduate course on technology and learning strategies in order to have enough points to stay certified and keep my job. :P The class is actually super awesome and the two ladies who teach it are fabulous, so I can't complain too much. We had to create a paper slide video last week on some topic within internet safety, so I chose a standard about Internet responsibility. I had a lot of fun with it. I made one in Spanish for my immersion kids and then tweaked it for English.

The quality is not the greatest, as my husband pointed out (Can I just vent for a second since he will never probably see this? He is such a critique! He's great for pushing me, but sometimes I'm like, geez, I'm not trying for an Oscar here!) Well, speaking of Internet responsibility, this post will probably come back to haunt me, but hey, I'll just be a living example of my video.

Hope you enjoy it! I think these will be great discussion starters for your children. Afterwards, you can have them draw their "Internet Man or Woman" and draw good and bad tattoos that happen from what we post on the Internet (This will make sense once you watch the video....I hope!). Thanks for stopping by! Click on either thumbnail to be directed to the Internet responsibility videos!

And excuse my gringa accent in the Spanish video! I did the best I could!

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Valentine Owls Math Facts Bundle Giveaway!!

 Hey, ya'll! It's February! Such a fun month with all the love floating in the air! I am so happy to let you know that the FlapJack YouTube channel has reached 1,000 subscribers. I have a really awesome freebie to share, but it's taking me awhile to get it together. I promise to have it out by this weekend, ok?? And it's for my subscribers, so make sure to subscribe!

In the meantime, I'm giving away TEN of these fun Owl-Themed Valentine Math Facts Bundles (check out the resource here)! My students love this "poke" game format. If you haven't heard of poke games, check out my Poke Games video. The contest will end Saturday, February 8th at midnight est. Thanks for playing! Have a great week!

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