Classroom Memories QR Codes with a FREEBIE (in Spanish, too!)

Hey, guys! I have a super idea that I just shared with my students and now I'm so excited to share with you! It is... Classroom Memory QR Codes! I've created a QR code that links to an Evernote that contains all of our fun videos of classroom activities and special moments.

 I framed it and placed it on our classroom wall, and now students can use an iPad to scan the QR code and remember all about their special year of 4th grade Spanish immersion with good ol' Sra. Carro.

If you'd like to make a special memory QR code for your classroom or any QR code that links up to a bunch of videos on a certain topic, just click here or on the video image at the top of the post.

If you were directed here from YouTube and would like the free Memory QR Code Templates in Spanish and English, just click here or the images below.

And now I leave you with a very special song by Kip. His words are very real to me right now.

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