{iPhone Photo Editing Tutorial Series} From Drab to Fab: Video 1 - Instagram Pics


 Hey, ya'll!

I just bought the Reflector App which mirrors my iPad and iPhone on my computer, and I've been having so much fun that I decided to do a series on the some tips and apps I use to make my FlapJack pictures look better on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, here, etc. Every Thursday for the next several weeks, I hope to roll out some iPhone editing tips for your teacher or personal photos.


If you're a teacher-blogger, and you're struggling with the quality of your photos, hopefully something in my videos can help you. I am no photo expert at all, but my mom and husband both do photography and I live on my iPhone, so that's kind of all merged together for me with my teacher photos.

So, if you're ready to watch, click here or the photo above. Let me know what you think or what app is your go-to app for making your teacher pictures shine! Oh, and let's be Instafriends! My handle is flapjackeducation and you can click on the pic below to see my profile!


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Tabitha Carro


  1. I am already a follower of yours on IG and seriously was just wondering to myself a few days ago how you and others make your photos look so cute! Thanks so much for this post :)

    Jen @ Cupcakes & Curriculum

    1. Thank you, Jen! So glad it was helpful! I'll have more videos coming out, too, for tips on FB cover photos and Pinterest photos. :)


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