{iPhone Photo Editing Tutorial Series} Video 3 - PINTEREST PIN PHOTOS


Ok, ya'll, I'm back with my 3rd video about how I use my iPhone, and guess what? This will show you how crazy I am. I'm actually using my iPad in the videos, but all my titles say iPhone!! Like, who even does that?? That's what happens when 1) you're crazy to start with and 2) you're trying to do too many videos!! Now, I've already filmed about four more in this series, and they will come out, but it may not be weekly. I make have to kick it DOWN a notch.

Aaaanyways, thanks for being here at FlapJack! Click here or on the image below to see how I create nice vertical pins in a quick second using my iPhone or iPad or whatever! You get me, right??

(Click the image above to see other posts in this series.)


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Tabitha Carro


  1. Hi Tabitha! Loved the video :) I didn't know about that app and I'm going to download it now! One I've used before is called Rhonna Designs. It's pretty cute!

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    1. Thank you, Cassie! Rhonna Designs is great, and I think it might be in my next video! Thanks for stopping by and for following my blog! :) xoxoxo


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