Teaching Electricity Tricks Students into Thinking I'm a Super Science Teacher

And I am not fishing for compliments or some type of affirmation that I'm doing ok as a science teacher, but the truth is, I am only just an "adequate" science teacher and that is all. I teach the standards, I get the job done, and then I'm on to more fun stuff such as math and...math.

The reason behind my science teacher mediocrity just has to do with my personality. I simply never asked why the sky is blue, how a motor works, what makes the world go round. I've always been more than fine with accepting Mother Nature as she is and not questioning her every move.

But students are not that way. They are these little inquisitive geniuses always asking me questions I don't know the answers to. So it stretches me and forces me to become a science person, although that is not who I naturally am. But I've been better for it. 

So, at least I have electricity going for me. All you have to do is pull out some circuits, and these kids are excited and happy for days! 


Here's an email from a mom the afternoon after we spent an hour doing electricity stations:

What an awesome parent, too, huh? Then one of my precious little girls brought in her own homemade robot.

And click on the pic below for a little snippet of the excitement you can see and hear in the students during our stations:


So, my tip to non science-minded teachers like me is to pull out some circuit experiments. I know every year when I teach this unit, I will actually for a brief week or two feel like a super science teacher who actually knows what she's doing

Have a great week, fellow teacher compadres!


  1. I'm not a science fan either. I would much rather teach anything else, but science. Thanks for the encouragement and great idea.

    1. Thanks, Crystal! Yes, I'm right with you there, but I guess it's a growing experience for us!

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    Posted by brucewilliam | Ed Resources

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