Ten St. Patty's QR Code Task Card Giveaways at FlapJack!

Hey, guys! I'm doing a comment giveaway every day at 7:00 pm (est) for the next TEN days at my Facebook page! All you need to do is visit my page every evening, comment on that day's post (see example below), and wait until the next day to see if you're a winner. You can enter every day! Here's the schedule.


Tuesday, March 4 - St. Patrick's Day Two-Digit Subtraction QR Code Task Card Fun
Wednesday, March 5 - St. Patrick's Day Two-Digit Addition QR Code Task Card Fun
Thursday, March 6 - St. Patrick's Day TIME QR Code Task Card Fun
Friday, March 7 - St. Patrick's Day Money QR Code Task Card Fun
Saturday, March 8 - St. Patrick's Day Math Fun QR Code Task Card Bundle (2nd-3rd grade) (THE BIG ONE!!)
Sunday, March 9 - St. Patrick's Day Multi-Digit SUBTRACTION QR Code Fun
Monday, March 10 - St. Patrick's Day MULTIPLICATION QR Code Fun
Tuesday, March 11 - St. Patrick's Day LONG DIVISION QR Code Fun
Wednesday, March 12 - St. Patrick's Day Multi-Digit ADDITION QR Code Fun
Thursday, March 13 - St. Patrick's Day Math Operations QR Code Bundle (THE OTHER BIG ONE!)

Thank you for playing and for being here at FlapJack!

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Tabitha Carro


  1. DARN it! I wish that I taught Math! This giveaway sounds like so much fun and I LOVE task cards! So do my kiddos! These look terrific and so much fun with the QR codes on them.


  2. Your products are great!!! You are so generous with all of your giveaways!!! I wish I had a FB account!! Maybe I can ask a colleague to enter each day!!

  3. Oh shoot! I just found your blog but have missed the last two days! Will check it out, but absolutely love the QR codes. Thanks Jackie jmcmanam@w-sioux.k12.ia.us


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