Two Casts, One Bruised Jawbone, a Wheelchair, and Lots of Tylenol!

My poor babies! When it rains it pours, right? Well, I was just wondering if you've ever had a class as crippled as mine right now. Here's the injury count:

1) Two broken arms (We lucked out as they both broke their non-dominant arms.)
2) One damaged knee (She had surgery and now is in a wheelchair.)
3) One bruised tailbone (She must sit on a pillow.)
4) One bruised jawbone (He was hit with a baseball. Nothing is broken but it's still very sore!)

I think that's it! Wow. I'm so glad it's fourth grade and not kindergarten. My little girls ARE so helpful with the injured right now and have taken on the roll of nurses without any problem.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this curse on our classroom will be broken very soon!

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Tabitha Carro


  1. Goodness gracious! Glad you have some helpers as that could take some serious juggling on your part to help all the kiddos.

    1. I know! The crazy thing is I have an awesome group of kids. The ones who are injured don't complain and do the best they can. The ones who aren't do all the helping out. I'm very, very blessed during this crazy situation!


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