Bright Ideas: Student-Created Egg Hunt Review Activity - Minimal teacher Prep!

Hey, ya'll! I'm very happy to be apart of April's Bright Ideas Blog Hop! And here's my Bright Idea! It's a quick and easy way for your students to review for any material you are going over.

What You Need:

1) Enough plastic eggs for each students to use one.
2) Index cards of two different colors or some kind of contrasting paper.
3) Basket
4) Sharpie

Prep Work:

1) Cut white index cards in half.
2) Cut a different color of index card (blue in my case) in small strips.

3) Place empty eggs in a basket.

How to Implement:

ACTIVITY 1: Preparing the Review Eggs

1) Students will write their own problem on the white index card and the answer on the blue strip. Have students create a list of appropriate topics that their questions can be on. In my case, we were reviewing fractions.

2) Hand students a white card and a blue strip and allow them time to write their question and answer. I paired them up and had their partners check their questions and answers. (This would be a good morning work task.) Remind them to write legibly and with easy-to-understand language!

3) When students finish, have them share their problem and answer with you. Check to make sure they are correct.

4) Students may then choose an egg to place their Q&A cards in (make sure they fold the answer strip where answer is not visible). Alternative: Write students answers on one sheet and check answers together as a class after activity is finished.

5) Once all eggs are filled, number them with a Sharpie. I added tape because my Sharpie always rubs off!

(Can you see two signs of a teacher in the above image? 1) Jamberry nails and 2) Paper cut!)

6) The fun part of course is hiding the eggs for the next day!

Activity 2: Egg Hunt!

1) As soon as students came in, they were trying to spot the eggs. I made sure to tell them to NOT touch the eggs.

2) Students opened up to a blank page in their math journals and numbered the page to 22 (your students would number to however many eggs were in your classroom).

 3) I paired students up. That way there were always eggs available to find and students also could help each other solve the problems.

4) Once students found a numbered egg, they solved the problem on the white card and then checked their answer with the blue strip. If they were correct, they wrote a check mark. If they were incorrect, they wrote an X.

5) If you hide some of your eggs really well, you may have to put a time limit on the activity (I did!).

6) Then we went over which group found the most and which group had the most answered correctly.

This was a lot of fun and a great review for our upcoming math test without being a lot of work on my end. We'll probably do this anytime of the year, not just in spring! If you enjoyed this Bright Idea, please connect with me at Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more!

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Tabitha Carro


  1. This sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing this idea...I hope I can try it out this week. :)

    Ms. Wilson’s Wolves

    1. Thank you! Thanks for finding me on IG, too! Look forward to connecting with you!

  2. I like this version of the egg hunt. We did a similar kind of thing for our kids at my campus. We had each student bring a dozen empty plastic eggs to school last week. We prepared 6 reading questions and 6 math questions to put in the eggs. They were labeled R1 thru R6, and M1 thru M6. Volunteer parents helped stuff the eggs. The students had to find one egg with each label. After the hunt, they answered the questions inside of the eggs on an answer sheet. Prizes were awarded according to how many correct questions. The kids loved and so did the teachers!

    1. Sounds like they had the best time! Thanks for the great tip on labeling the eggs and for stopping by!

  3. very nice.. thanks a lot for this....

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