Ordering Fractions Group Activity

Hey, ya'll! I'm happy to be apart of the May Bright Ideas Blog Hop! My bright idea this month is a fun activity my students did to practice ordering fractions. Here's how it goes:

1) To prep, I cut 3 x 5 index cards in half. I hole-punched each card on each end. I made enough for each child to have one card.

2) My partner teacher gave me these cute little buckets. I've been looking for a reason to use them, and I finally found it with this activity.

My students are divided into six groups of four at six different tables. So for each group, I placed markers, the cards, and a bunch of Link n Learn Links from Learning Resources.

3) To begin the activity, I first had each child write a fraction on a card. Since we had already gone over mixed numbers, they could also choose to write a mixed number.

4) Then, on my command, each group of four students linked their fraction cards in order from least to greatest as fast as they could.

5) As soon as a group had completely linked the four cards, they would raise their hands, and I would check for accuracy. This is obviously optional, but I gave points to the first three groups to finish linking their cards correctly and we kept score.

6) The nifty thing about using the small baskets was that each table captain rotated the baskets to the next table so we could start the activity again. Since I had six groups, we were able to practice six times.

This was a lot of fun with very minimal prep on my part. I will probably now put the cards and links in a math station and have students choose four or five fraction cards and order them independently with the links.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this bright idea! You can find lots more teacher fun at my Pinterest account, my Facebook page, and my TpT store. And now, keep on hopping and finding lots more fabulous bright ideas down below!

Tabitha Carro

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