Black and White CHEVRON Editable Classroom Decor Tool Pack - HALF OFF!

Hey, guys! I thought I was done with classroom decor packs since school has already started, but I made a few labels for my partner teacher's black and white chevron classroom, so I decided to just go with it.

This pack is a little bit different because instead of containing content-specific materials, it mainly contains editable templates (PowerPoint) for you to create exactly what you need. For example, the following images are actually what my partner teacher created using editable labels that I made.

Grab this Black & White Chevron Editable Classroom Decor Tool Pack for 50% off through August 26th. Have a great week!

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$25 TpT Gift Certificate GIVEAWAY

Hey, ya'll! Did you know TpT is having another sale this Wednesday? That's right! You have another chance to save 28% on your wish-listed items! To celebrate, I'm giving away one FlapJack resource of choice and a $25 TpT gift certificate at my facebook page. Ends tomorrow night right before the sale begins! To enter click here.

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Making T-Shirts: First Day and Spanish Tips

Hey, ya'll! Today's my first day! As always, I have such nerves and kind of can't wait until the routine has been established. A few weeks ago I made a few T-shirts to wear in my classroom, so I decided to link up with Monday Made It and share them with you.

To make these shirts, I used the following tools:
  1. PowerPoint - I changed the page setup to 16 in. by 16 in. so that it would upload to Vistaprint in a high quality square image.
  2. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs and Sweet Shoppe Designs Fonts
  3. JW Illustrations and Betsy Rainbow Clip Art
  4. Vistaprint - I ordered during their semi-annual sale, so I think I got a pretty good deal. Does anyone else know of a great online website for printing individual T-shirts?
So here are the shirts. This one I am wearing today.
"Hello! I am Sra. Carro and I have the best job in the world. I am your teacher." Awwwww! I put a heart right where we live in South Carolina.

 I teach 4th grade Spanish immersion, so my students need a lot of encouragement and guidance in developing their second language of Spanish. The rest of my shirts were created for that purpose.

"Speak Spanish (please)." I am always looking for strategies to motivate my students to always stay in Spanish mode. Hopefully this shirt will help!

"I know the answer." Students have such a hard time with the first person verb conjugation. If you speak Spanish, you know exactly what I mean.

"I have a mustache." Ok, I really don't exactly, but this is another shirt to help with a commonly incorrectly conjugated verb.

"I'm bilingual. What's your superpower?" Another motivator T-shirt to encourage students to develop their second language.

I think during every Vistaprint sale, I will try to make a few more. There are so many skills we can reinforce just through what we wear - the alphabet, numbers, vocabulary, character, language, etc.  - and hopefully these shirts will be effective this year. I'll keep you posted. :)

Have you done something like this before?

For all of my Spanish teacher friends, be sure to visit my Spanish page, filled with freebies and resources!

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Crafty Teachers Giveaway - It's Fabulous!

I just have an amazing sort of luck connecting with awesome, giving teachers online. I came across Dilly Dabbles Designs' handbags she makes, and I was in love! They are so boho chic which is my favorite style. I love how she coordinates colors and patterns to make the most adorable bags.

Not only is Melissa super talented, she is also very kind. She sent me this handbag as a gift (Sorry, it's mine! Not going in the giveaway pile!). The colors are so me, and I can't wait to use this at school.

And the awesome news is, she sent me one, too, to give away to one special person. Here it is.

It's absolutely gorgeous and will make any drab black outfit look spectacular.

I have recently begun a little card-making shop at Etsy called Little Buwo. For my part of the giveaway, I am going to give away 8 personalized owl thank you cards.

So, if you would love to win, please enter the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway will end this Friday, August 22nd at midnight EST. Have a great week!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Inexpensive, Minimal Prep Student Gift BRIGHT IDEAS for Large Numbers

Hey, ya'll! It's Bright Ideas Blog Hop time! I'm going to share a few items I've come across that make my students smile but don't break my bank and make me cry!

I have two classes and every year my partner teacher and I seem to get a weird number of students - 46, 41, 35. Never a nice number with lots of factors when buying multiple packages of something. But that's ok! Since I have two classes, I have to shop smart or else it's very expensive! I also have to find items that aren't too kiddish for my 4th graders, not too girlie for the boys, and not made of sugar. Here are some items I've found over the past couple of years.

Last year I found Krazy Straws from Dollar General. They come 6 in a pack, so for $8 I was set.

To make the circle tags, I used some rainbow frame images from Maree Truelove. I inserted them into PowerPoint and then added a text box on top. I made them 1 inch in diameter so I could use a 1" circle punch. But never again.

At the end of last year, I had some student helpers cut out the circles by hand for this year's group. Yes, I might have broken a few child labor laws during the last week of school. But they were very happy helpers!

As you can see, this year I purchased some fat paper straws from Target. Paper straws seem to be everywhere, and at Target I bought 60 of these for just $9.

For birthdays last year, I bought Chinese yo-yos from Party City. They were a hit for both boys and girls, so I'm continuing the tradition this year. These are a little more expensive. They are $20 for a pack of 48. But with a little bit of hot glue and tags, they make a very delightful birthday gift that takes little time to prep.

During testing time, I try to do a little something every day of that week. Amazon has been very helpful in this undertaking. You can find a lot of knick-knacks there while shopping in the comfort of your jammies - something I LOVE doing. Here are two pics from last year's testing trinkets.

Mini glow sticks (kind of puny but the kids loved them)
It's always a good idea to buy a few extra. This assorted pack of aliens had a few that looked like they were brandishing bloody knives. Um, not a good test motivator I don't think!
Well, thank you so much for being here! Please share any cheap student gift ideas you've used, too! If you enjoyed this Bright Idea, please connect with me at Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more. :)

For more Bright Ideas from a ton of teacher bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic/grade that interests you. Thanks for your visit! Have a great year!

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Free Shark Themed Morning Work Templates

All teachers know that kids learn more when they’re excited and engaged. Today a team of bloggers come together to help your students take a BITE out of learning with a theme your students are sure to love!


Now, I am not a morning person, so as a teacher I have to make sure to prepare and be ready. I don't want any of my kiddos to be victim to a cranky teacher attack! (I'm making a poor joke there, sorry! There is no attacking in my classroom except for the next task of learning at hand!) One way I do this is by creating morning work templates that are bright, cheery, and easy to edit for every morning. These clearly explain what students should do in the morning and help develop a solid routine.

So, when I heard about this fabulous Shark Week blog hop, I knew that would be a fun opportunity to create a:
Slide 10.png

My Shark Week freebie is a set of editable templates in PowerPoint with a fun shark theme your students will get a kick out of. Click here or the image below to download your free copy.

If you enjoy these, I have the following bundles that provide seasonal morning templates to last you all year long.

Be sure to go for a swim in the linky party below. Every blog in the Shark Week Blog Hop features a fishy freebie for you and your students- but hurry! Shark Week only lasts until Sunday, August 17th  : )

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FlapJack Sale Extended!

Yay for extra sale days! If you like the resource in the image, click here. And if you love the cute fonts I used in the image, you can find them all at ZipADeeDooDah Designs' font page! 

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Class Website QR Code Business Cards Template FREEBIE

Ok, disclaimer, the sombrero is NOT a part of my business cards. It's just for privacy issues. Now I have never done this Monday Made It thing, but I hear it's pretty fabulous, so I'm linking this post there along with lots of other teachers who share their creations.

I guess I didn't technically make these cards. I designed them and then Vistaprint made them for me. I actually ordered magnets, so hopefully my parents can keep these on the fridge. I've created a class website using Edublog, and I plan on updating EVERYTHING there, so I definitely want my parents to always have quick access to that site. I'm all about preventing any sort of miscommunication and hopefully this will help.

So, here's the tutorial. Hope someone can use it and the template and find it useful.

The adorable bookworm clip art is by My ClipArt Store. The background is by Sassy Designs. The frame is by JW Illustrations. The apples are actually a freebie by Apples 'n" Acorns. And all the cute fonts are by Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs.

Click here for the template!

And if you're looking for QR Code Resources, the following two are very new, and I'm very excited about using them this year in my classroom (I say two because one is the Spanish version for my babies).

Have a great year!

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