Pet Pattern QR Code Task Cards Just $1!

Pet Pattern QR Code Task Cards for 4th grade just $1 through Sunday! English >> or Spanish >>

If you already own the 4th Grade QR Code Task Card Mega Bundle, the English version will be uploaded soon! 

My students loved these and the adorable pet clip art!

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Tabitha Carro

5 for Friday - Interactive Notebook Fun!

 Here's my 5 for Friday post - two weeks in a row!

So I took this Monday off in celebration of my birthday, and the hubs and I took a wonderful trip to the mountains of Brevard, NC. My husband is a total "survivor man," and we have all the nifty gear we need to make our time in nature enjoyable and relaxing. Of course we had to stop by REI in Asheville. We picked up some solar energy phone chargers - can't wait to try them out!

We had some more weather fun in our Spanish interactive notebooks.  It's been really yucky this week, so practicing our cloudy and foggy expressions was perfect.


On Wednesday I had something super special and "unico" happen to me. I received a birthday card from my little brother who is studying in Chicago. Inside was a handwritten poem not just to me but also about me. I've actually never had anybody write anything about me that I can remember. It really meant a lot.

He would hate for me to share this publicly probably, but I seriously doubt he'll ever find this post.

It was a best bud's birthday this week, so I made a new fall design of personalized Little Buwo cards for her. Find them at Etsy in English and Spanish.

I had one of the coolest learning experiences happen this week. I'll explain it more in-depth hopefully in a future post, but here's basically what happened:
  1. Students created very short vocabulary presentations with the 30hands app on five weather instruments we are reviewing. Here's an example.
  2. I created QR codes that linked to the presentations.
  3. We pasted them in our science interactive notebooks.
  4. Students studied at home for a quiz by scanning and listening to each others presentations. Pretty much awesome sauce! Today I gave them a few minutes to review and they were all scanning and listening to the vocabulary over and over again.

I hope you all had a great week! Please have a great weekend!

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Tabitha Carro

Spanish Teacher Giveaway!

Hey, guys! I just got back from a lovely camping trip with my husband in Brevard, NC...

 ...and now I'm back home ready to share with you a super fun giveaway hosted by me and my fabulous friend, Juliana Suarez of Kinder Bilingue.

What's in the GIVEAWAY:

1) Juliana is giving away one digital copy of her "El que busca encuentra" Write the Room All Year Long Packs. I have been using these along the walls of my classroom for my 4th graders to use and create stories. There are UN MONTON de maneras to use these cards for any grade level in the primary classroom.

2) Gracias Customized Little Buwo Cards - If you win this giveaway, you will also receive a set of 8 cards mailed to you with whichever name you choose. I have a little Etsy shop where I create these cards, and I find them so useful for saying thank you to students, parents and colleagues in an adorable yet easy way.

So, we hope you will enter down below! We'll choose one winner this Friday, September 26th, at midnight (est). ¡Gracias por participar!

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Tabitha Carro

Table Organization with Colored Stickers: A Bright Idea!

Hey, ya'll! It's Bright Ideas time! I shared this idea in my classroom reveal, but it's just been working so well, so I though I'd share one more time.

I've seen some clever ideas about numbering places at student tables, so you can call their names to help pass out papers, take turns, etc. However, nothing I stick on tables lasts. (If you have the magic tip, please let me know!) I thought about placing numbers on chairs. However, we stack them every day, so it would be a mess trying to get each chair back to where it was before we stacked them.

I then decided to use circle labels on the chair legs. I talked with my teacher partner, and she had an even better idea. She had colored circle labels on hand, so we placed a differently-colored circle label on each of the four table legs.

Now, whenever I need papers passed out, waste buckets handed out, or students to take turns during a science experiment, I just call out a color. Students look at their right table leg to figure out which color they are. After a week or two, they have this figured out. If a table only has three students, one very helpful student can have two colors. Or if you have an awesome group at one table, they can take turns doing the missing color's duties.

This has been so helpful and has kept my students up and moving. This has really taken the place of brain breaks for us this year. I also made this little display on our white board. I move the magnet every time I call a color to make sure I am calling out colors equally (I didn't have a yellow - sorry!). This also helps students know which color's turn it is in the very possible event they were not listening to the teacher. :P

So that's it! Very simple but my favorite trick so far this year. If you enjoyed this Bright Idea, please connect with me at Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more. :)

For more Bright Ideas from a ton of teacher bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic/grade that interests you. Thanks for your visit!

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Tabitha Carro

5 for Friday - My First Time!

So, I've seen these posts for a long time, and I finally am jumping on board. I think it might be nice to try to document my week in the classroom like a diary, so I'll have something to look back on. Of course, I'm estimating I'll stay committed to this for maybe...two weeks!

So here goes.

Since I have only a few devices in my classroom for scanning QR codes, I kind of went on an out-of-control Ebay app shopping binge looking for iPods. I ended up buying like six...??! I just couldn't help it! I got them on average for $65 and I'm hoping I can sell them back for around the same if we ever go 1-to-1. 

So, I used one of my pantyhose organizers from Amazon that I absolutely love, added some slits in each pocket, and ended up with a pretty nifty charging station!

Here' my Tuesday attempt at eating healthy. I'm really trying to get back on track. My husband bought me a Bosu ball, and I am loving it!

However. This was today.

But it's my birthday, ya'll!! Can I just say, this was the most amazing thing I have had in a long time. Some moms came in with this lighted and all the kids singing "Feliz CumpleaƱos" to me. And yes, I ate it all. Almost. 

I also need to share that I just have the sweetest kids this year. And the parents are so awesome, too! They are such a motivation to me to try to do my best at my job. I received gifts, cards, and even lunch from Chic-Fil-A! One student wrote me this letter and gave me three of her rainbow loom bracelets.

I am not a very emotional person. I've kind of dried up in my old age lately, lol. But I actually had to compose myself after reading this letter. Obviously the Spanish needs serious help, but for my non-Spanish friends, on the left she made an acrostic with my name. One word I don't even know what it means, but a very interesting word she wrote was organized. It is so surprising sometimes when you realize other people see you in a much different light than you see yourself. Because organized is definitely not something I'd write on my resume.

She goes on to say I have the best ideas, that I'm fun and work hard for them, that she loves my math groups, and she knows that I love my students. Yes, I am trying not to sniff right now again.

 So my Little Buwo thank-you cards I make and sell at Etsy came in perfect to let her and several other students know how much I appreciated their thoughfulness.

 Ok, here's something academic - pulserita patterns! Fourth graders are not too old for this and boys love making them, too. And some will even choose pink.

Inspired by all of the fanastic interactive notebooks out there, I am starting one right now with my students to help them develop their second-language of Spanish. My poor babies just hear math and science all day, but they never get much of a chance to learn the actual language.

Right now we are working on weather expressions to go with our science unit. I added a QR code of a fun Spanish song, so while we worked, I scanned it with my phone, and they listened and sang along.

The blank mini suns and raindrops will get filled in whenever I hear them practice the vocabulary in a natural setting.

So that's my 5 for Friday! My hubs is pressuring me to get off the computer so we can celebrate my special day, so I guess I gotta go!

Have a great weekend!

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