Teacher Box Swap Fun with Sheila Jane of Teaching Magic!


Hey, do you know Sheila Jane of Teaching Magic? She is a fabulous YouTube teacher friend, and she and I just had a whole heap of fun mailing each other surprise teacher boxes. If you enjoy YouTube just a tiny bit, you definitely need to follow this beautiful lady. She is funny, talented, and very entertaining!


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Tabitha Carro

My Little FlapJack Promo Book

Michele Luck and Jennifer Sloane of 4mulaFun have begun to promote TpT teacher-authors at teacher conferences. It's an awesome opportunity, so I spent the better part of my weekend last week creating a FlapJack promo book. It was actually a very interesting experience to see a sort of culmination of all the resources I have created. One thing is for sure - for better or for worse, I have created a LOT of resources these past few years!

Found this mini notebook and all inserts at Office Depot. I love all things MINI!

Can you see the little nail art flower I added to my hair??

Here's a video of the promo book.

Everything is QR coded inside of the book. If you're interested in QR codes, check out my QR code tutorial page.

I also added QR codes of the promo videos I have made so far of some of my resources at YouTube.

The inserts I found were perfect for adding a few in-the-flesh samples of my resources.

Added a little heart poker, too!

These are actually not all of the pages! Somehow this little book still closes. Hope you enjoyed seeing my little promo book.

Teaching Electricity Tricks Students into Thinking I'm a Super Science Teacher

And I am not fishing for compliments or some type of affirmation that I'm doing ok as a science teacher, but the truth is, I am only just an "adequate" science teacher and that is all. I teach the standards, I get the job done, and then I'm on to more fun stuff such as math and...math.

The reason behind my science teacher mediocrity just has to do with my personality. I simply never asked why the sky is blue, how a motor works, what makes the world go round. I've always been more than fine with accepting Mother Nature as she is and not questioning her every move.

But students are not that way. They are these little inquisitive geniuses always asking me questions I don't know the answers to. So it stretches me and forces me to become a science person, although that is not who I naturally am. But I've been better for it. 

So, at least I have electricity going for me. All you have to do is pull out some circuits, and these kids are excited and happy for days! 


Here's an email from a mom the afternoon after we spent an hour doing electricity stations:

What an awesome parent, too, huh? Then one of my precious little girls brought in her own homemade robot.

And click on the pic below for a little snippet of the excitement you can see and hear in the students during our stations:


So, my tip to non science-minded teachers like me is to pull out some circuit experiments. I know every year when I teach this unit, I will actually for a brief week or two feel like a super science teacher who actually knows what she's doing

Have a great week, fellow teacher compadres!

Chromebooks, Promethean, QR Codes and More! Guest Post by Adventures in Teaching

Hello Flapjackers! I am Cassie Thompson and I am doing a guest post for sweet Tabitha. I am here to tell all about how I incorporate technology into my classroom!


First, a little bit about me: This is my 4th year teaching and my 4th year in 1st grade. I initially wanted anything BUT 1st grade, so it's pretty ironic how this was the position I was offered, accepted, and now LOVE. Firsties are not quite babies anymore, but not yet big kids and they live in a world of their own. :) I love it!

I am also the Campus Technology Liaison for my campus, which means I am responsible for training the teachers on my campus on how to implement and use technology in their classroom. I've always been great on the computer so when my principal asked me to take this position, it seemed like a no brainer!

I love to use any kind of technology I can get my hands on with my kids. They amaze me at how comfortable and knowledgeable they are at just 6-7 years old! I am fortunate enough to have a lot of technology at my fingertips thanks to our district's recent bond package. (It helps that I'm the Technology Liaison- our Technology Manager usually comes to me first with anything she has for the classroom!). I have access to 3 Google Chromebooks, 4 iPads, and 3 iPod minis. {The iPod minis were actually bought with my own money, but they are totally worth it!}. I also have a document camera and Interactive Promethean Board.


The Google Chromebook is a simple web-based laptop that starts up in seconds and contains its own virus protection. It's perfect if you have constant Wi-fi access.
My students use the Google Chromebooks during our independent station times for Language Arts and Math. During BUILD, they use the Chromebooks to play educational games on websites like www.coolmathgames.com and www.abcya.com. During Language Arts they use the Chromebooks to listen to stories read aloud on www.tumblebooks.com and phonics lessons on www.starfall.com.
They can also use Google Drive to type up their own writing.


We also use these devices during Math/Language Arts stations. Some of my favorite apps are from ABCya:

My students also use their iPads to scan QR codes.
QRazy about Word Problems is a unit in which students scan QR codes to hear a word problem read and then they solve and record their answers on the provided recording sheet. 




QRazy About Rhyming is a unit where students scan a QR code to hear a word, and then they have to find the picture card it rhymes with. For example, QR Code #1 says "fly", so they would match it with the picture of a pie. QR Code #2 says "bee", so that one would be matched with the picture of the tree. Then, after making all the matches, students will write the words on their recording sheet. 



Promethean Board

The interactive board is used some in small groups, but it is mainly used in whole group lessons.
 Here are some students doing a sorting activity for Earth Day last year. 

And here is a friend from this year playing a favorite- Math Lines on www.coolmathgames.com. My students pass the pen and try to beat the game as a class! It's a good activity when we just have a few minutes or I sometimes use it as an incentive to get cleaned up quickly.


Last summer I found an amazing way to set up my listening center for Daily 5. When a teammate retired a few years ago, I got a whole tub full of listening centers. That sure did save me a LOT of work gathering all those books and tapes.
 I previously used a tape player and a headphone splitter but my students had a hard time finding the right spot on the tape and also sharing 1 book.

I bought a few iPod shuffles and spent a LOT of time recording all those tapes digitally. I put 1 book recording on each shuffle and I put the iPod and the book in a basket for students to choose during Daily 5.

Organization of all these devices does take a little bit of thought. I have to store them close to outlets so that I can easily charge that a moment's notice, but also so that the devices can be used while charging if necessary. The devices have to be easy to grab and go.

Thanks so much for reading all about technology use in my first grade classroom! I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime and see what else goes on in our first grade world.