FlapJack Holiday Grab Bag Giveaway!

Hey, ya'll! Ever get a lot accomplished, but it wasn't anything that you actually needed to accomplish? Well, that is sure me today. I unexpectedly got the idea to create a Holiday Grab Bag of my favorite holiday resources. There is a lot of fun stuff in there that your kids will love and will make the holidays super fun and bright (Disclaimer: This bundle has lots of Christmas-related clip art and activities).

Here's what's included:

Christmas Lapbook


Holiday Owls Poke Cards to practice all math facts.


Holiday Editable Morning Work Templates


Holiday Owls Editable Newsletter from my Seasonal Owls Editable Newsletters Pack


December QR Code Writing Prompts


And more! The resources in the Holiday Grab Bag are discounted at over 50% off. Click here to see more or enter below to win your a copy for you and a teacher friend!

Yep, I think this would be a great gift idea for a teacher friend, so if you win, you may also gift a friend with a copy (Of course you could do that anyway, but you run the risk of having coal in your stocking, and I do NOT want that!). I've even created an editable gift message in PDF format that you can send along with the resource.


The contest ends November 30th at midnight! Best of luck and happy holidays!

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Scientific Inquiry Spanish Interactive Notebook Lapbook Resource (and freebie!)

Hey, guys! For my Spanish teacher friends, I just wanted to share a resource I finally posted after two years of using it. It's my Spanish scientific inquiry unit which originally started out as a lapbook, but has now progressed to an interactive notebook. Here are a few images from the resource:

 Scientific Inquiry Metodo Cientifico SPANISH Interactive Notebook Resource

 Scientific Inquiry Metodo Cientifico SPANISH Interactive Notebook Resource

 Scientific Inquiry Metodo Cientifico SPANISH Interactive Notebook Resource

 Scientific Inquiry Metodo Cientifico SPANISH Interactive Notebook Resource

 Scientific Inquiry Metodo Cientifico SPANISH Interactive Notebook Resource

 Scientific Inquiry Metodo Cientifico SPANISH Interactive Notebook Resource

If you're interested in this resource, I've provided the classification pages free for you to try out. Hope you enjoy!

Classification SPANISH Interactive Notebook FREEBIE

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Holiday Cupcakes Long Division QR Code Task Card Freebie

Hey, ya'll! It's been a long time since I've done a forever freebie for QR code task cards, so here is a set that is and will always be free. It has a holiday cupcake theme, but I still think you can still pull these out anytime of the year. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. If you're new to QR codes, check out my tutorials page here.

Holiday Cupcakes Long Division QR Code Task Cards

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Party Penguins Multiplication QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Just wanted to share with you my latest QR code resource called Party Penguins Multiplication QR Code Task Cards Scavenger Hunt. This is a great activity to do before the holidays, especially when students may have already packed up and the day is nearly done.


Here's how it works:

After cutting and laminating the cards, place them around the walls of your classroom, preferably in number order. I use StikkiClips from Amazon to hang my cards for quick placement and removal, but I was home when I prepped this post, so you'll see I stapled the card onto one of our walls........that my husband had painted......that he got a little bit upset about.....that I'm just like, Oh well, you doesn't understand my passion! :P


Hand students a recording sheet (I've provided one in English and Spanish), a clipboard and a pencil. I usually divide my students into partner groups since we don't have enough devices. If you are very limited on scanning devices, this could be an activity early finishers choose to do.

What students do:

1) Choose any card. I know scavenger hunt cards usually have a start and an end, but if all my students are starting at the same time, that's a recipe for claustrophobic chaos.
2) Scan the QR code first to see the multiplication problem.


3) Write the problem from the QR code onto the recording sheet in the box that has the same number as the card they picked.

4) Solve the problem. Once they have the answer, they search around the room for the remaining cards to find the one that has the answer from their sheet.


5) Once they find the right card, they scan the QR code on the new card and begin solving that problem in the appropriate box. They continue until they've found all of the answers.

My students have had lots of fun with this. Some kids get way too excited like they are searching for Easter eggs. I guess that's okay, but I'm seriously thinking of sticking these cards to the outside of my portable. That way they'll get more exercise, sunshine, and volume won't matter as much. But of course I'll wait until spring. I can't stand this cold!

So, to grab a copy, click here or on the image below. And if you'd like some tips on using QR codes in the classroom, check out my QR Code Classroom Craze post.

Party Penguin Multiplication QR Code Scavenger Hunt

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Bright Ideas Bundle of Teaching Tips!

Hey, ya'll! For this month's Bright Ideas Blog Hop, we are rounding up all of our Bright Ideas in one place!

 So here I have for you my bundle of Bright Ideas Teaching Tips. Just click on any photo to see more! Hope you enjoy!

Inexpensive, Minimal Prep Student Gift BRIGHT IDEAS for Large Numbers

Table Organization with Colored Stickers

Five Minute Time Fillers

Ordering Fractions Group Activity

Student-Created Egg Hunt Review Activity - Minimal teacher Prep!

Plickers - Automatic Student Feedback With Only 1 Device

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the other Bright Idea Bundles down below!

7,000 TpT Follower 20% Sale!

Hey, ya'll! I'm so thankful for the support I've received over the past several years through TpT and teachers! To celebrate, I'm having a Saturday sale and marking 20% off all FlapJack resources! Have a great Saturday!


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ClassDoJo 100 Points Club

I love ClassDoJo a whole lot. My students totally love it. I've been using it for 3 years strong now and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. If you don't know, ClassDoJo is a free website and app that motivates positive student behavior with these adorable little monsters.

Every week they earn a QR code behavior coupon if they have 93% or higher. (We're kind of strict, but students rarely earn negatives. I'm very blessed.) Also, the student with the highest number of points each week is dubbed "Cougar of the Week" and has their picture placed on my wall and our class website (This pic was taken before school started, but students' photos are placed on a star.).

 And this year, my partner teacher and I have added a new goal for our students - reaching the 100 Points Club. This is such an easy additional motivator to add if you are already using ClassDoJo. We do not erase students points from week to week. We let them keep rolling and once they earn 100, they join the 100 points club.

How does it work?

First they get to choose their own printed monster, write their name on it, and place it on our 100 Point Club display. For every 100 points they earn, they will get to add a new monster for everyone to see. If you don't know, ClassDoJo has the most adorable monster clip art for you to download and insert into your ClassDoJo materials. Just find the section that says ClassDoJo Image Pack.

Then, they also get to choose a prize that parents have donated to our classroom.

I wish I could give you my poster for our display, but I think it may be against ClassDoJo's copyright. You can download my freebie frame template and create your own with ClassDoJo's clip art.

And there are a ton of other free resources, too, at this page at ClassDoJo's website.

UPDATE: What if you want to see weekly/daily DoJo points, too, and not just a yearly accumulation of points?

Bex Mawn of Reading and Writing Redhead asked about what to do if you still want to see daily or weekly sums of DoJo points. I used to just erase all my "bubbles" every week since we also check weekly points. However, that's not necessary.

While on the classroom monster page, click Reports.

Then change the drop-down box by students to Highest Combined or Most Positives and the Data Range: box to Last Week, Today, or there's even a Custom Range option at the bottom.

That way you can check daily or weekly points while still keeping a running tally of overall points for your 100 Points Club.

If you use ClassDoJo (or not) and would like suggestions on ways students can earn positive DoJo points, check out my post at All Things Upper Elementary.

Got any other easy motivators with ClassDoJo that I can add to my routine? My students will thank you for it!

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Place Value Picnic SPANISH PowerPoint Game FREEBIE

So, I've finally gotten around to posting my Spanish version of the 4th Grade Math PowerPoint Games Mega Bundle. Click here for a freebie game or on the image below that allows students to practice place value skills.

 Place Value Picnic Spanish PowerPoint Game Freebie

If you'd like to see how the whole bundle works, you can see my post on the English version, or go directly to the resource at my TpT store.


Rounding Rodeo PowerPoint Game Freebie for 4th Grade

Hey, ya'll!

For those who are in a hurry, here's the freebie link for your Place Value Partners: Rounding Rodeo PowerPoint Math Game based on common core standard 4.NBT.3.


For those who are not in a hurry...

We're having fun with PowerPoint math games now!

I love making Smart Board games, but I found out that my school or district or whoever was not paying what Smarttech wants for the latest update. So I was told it was best to stay away from creating files in Smart Notebook. And since I've had a lot of interest in my Smart Board games from teachers with other types of interactive whiteboards, I decided to try my hand at making PowerPoint games. What I love about my PowerPoint games is that they open so much quicker than Smart Notebook for whatever reason.


Of course I really wanted to laugh when I tried to put my games on some Mac laptops I have, and I was told that we're going all Mac now without Microsoft Office, so I might want to stay away from creating PowerPoint files and actually switch over to Keynote now.

Oh. my. goodness. Please, Lord, help me with this ever-changing technology.

So, how do they work?

If you're a video demo kind of person, watch the following video:

4th Grade Math PowerPoint Game Mega Bundle

If not, it goes like this:

I usually first introduce the game in a whole group setting. They sit around the carpet with a recording sheet and a clipboard (each game comes with a recording sheet).

In Slideshow mode, one student touches a random object from the start page.


That page takes the student to a random problem page.


Students follow the instructions and solve the problem in the appropriate box (determined by the number in the left-hand upper corner).


Every problem has a self-checking feature whether it is an audio sound, a linked correct or incorrect page, or an animation box with the answer.



If students are correct, they color in the object in the box. If not, they leave it blank. Now I have an easy way to spot who's got the skill and who needs more work.


If I don't have recording sheets on hand, we also use individual white boards.


After the game is introduced in a whole group, I then place it in a folder on the desktop for students to play during group time. I've also found a nifty app called SlideShark that students can use to play the games on a tablet.

What games have I created?

Here's the title pages of the games I've created so far.


You can find these in a bundle at TpT. I also have a Spanish version available. And they are on sale at 50% off for the first 3 days! I will be adding more files throughout the year, so the price will go up according to the value of the bundle.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the freebie!