100 Years Old SPANISH Writing Freebie

  100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie

Hey, ya'll!

We celebrated the 100th day last week, so I thought I would share two activities we did. We actually had more going on, but I have just been so lazy with my camera. I'll have to do better next year! Well, we did make towers out of 100 cups. I do have a picture here to show you.

Ok, so first we did the AgingBooth writing prompt that I first heard about from Jennifer at Runde's Room. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's an app that ages your photo and makes you look really old!

 100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie

  100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie

I wish I could show you my students' pictures! They were hilarious!

So, here's how we did this activity:

1) I downloaded the app AgingBooth onto my phone.
2) Students came one by one and created their aging picture using the app. (I added hand sanitizer first!) And that's an iPod, not my phone.

  100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie
3) I uploaded the pictures using the Photo Transfer app, but you could use DropBox, Google Drive, even email, but that takes sooo long.
4) I opened a PowerPoint writing template I created and duplicated enough slides for all 38 of my students. 

  100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie

5) I inserted the students pics onto the frames and then printed out the templates.
6) During this process, students worked on their rough drafts. They thought about the following questions:
  • How have you changed physically?
  • How many children, grandchildren, etc. do you have?
  • What did you accomplish in 100 years?
  • Where do you live?
  • How has the world changed?
  • What new technology is around?
  • What are you doing now?
7) After revising, the students copied their writings onto the templates and then mounted them onto construction paper.
8) To top off our wall display, I printed out some block letters for a sign and had the students color them however they wanted to.
9) I later took a group of boys who were under my care and they put up everything! They did all the stapling, taping, and I just helped a little bit with alignment. They were super proud and I was, too.
  100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie
If you'd like the letters and template, it's free here at my TpT store.
A second activity was a 100 Words Mini Book. My students need a lot of work with basic Spanish vocabulary since they are exposed so much to only academic vocabulary.
Each page of the book had a different category. Students wrote 10 words in each category frame. Once they were finished, they had a book filled with 100 Spanish words.

100 Spanish Words Mini Book

I have this available in Spanish and English at TpT.
My Book of 100 Words

So what do you do for the 100th day? Do you have a successful activity that you plan on using every year? Let me know!

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